Iran a front line state against US, Zionists plots: Pak ex-minister

Islamabad, May 22, IRNA -- Pakistani former defense minister says Iran has always remained a front line state against the US and Zionists anti-Islam plots in the Middle East.

Lieutenant General (Retd) Naeem Khalid Lodhi in his article published in Urdu daily Dunya said these countries are creating differences among the Muslim countries to divide them.
He said that the US has always used the technique of government change if any Muslim country like Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Yemen refuse to pursue their policy.
“Now they are trying to use the same method for Iran and Pakistan also,” he said.
The analyst noted that Iran is abiding by the terms and conditions of the JCPOA and this has also been confirmed by IAEA through its reports but Donald Trump let the deal without any justification and re-imposed sanctions on Iran.
He said that only reason of the US hatred towards Iran is that the Islamic republic is not allowing Zionist regime to pursue its anti-Islam designs in the region.
He said that Iran has always resisted the US evil designs in the region.
Naeem Khalid Lodhi went on to say that the important geographical location of Iran is also a headache for the US.
He warned that the US and Zionist regime are creating misunderstandings among the Muslim states to weaken the Muslim World.
The analyst added the US has started a psychological warfare against Iran.
The expert was of the view that the recent attack on Saudi oil ships is a flop drama investigated by the US itself.
Former defense minister went on to say now the US and the Zionist regime are seeking a direct war between Iran and the Persian Gulf states to serve their vested interests in the region.
He said Iran knowing the situation well has dismissed any possibility of war but the Saudi Arabia on the other hand is using a very aggressive tone towards Iran.
Lodhi said that the people who are aware of war strategies know that only victim of the war in region would be the entire Muslim World.
He added that Pakistan must remain neutral in the current regional scenario and try to deescalate tensions among the Muslim states through diplomacy.
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