May 21, 2019, 2:21 PM
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Iran topping Asia in organ donation

Tehran, May 21, IRNA – Iran has the first rank in Asia in Organ donation, said an official of Masih Daneshvari Hospital in northeastern Tehran.

'This is while only 1/4 of the capacities of the hospitals are being used; usually the family members [of the brain-dead patients] do not permit transplants,' said Farahnaz Sadeq-Beygi.

The first transplant in Iran was done decades ago, which was a cornea transplant; since then, kidney, bone marrow, heart, intestine, lung and pancreas have been transplanted.

May 21 is the National Day of Organ Donation in Iran.

Sadeq-Beygi said, 'Organ donation started about 60 years ago.'

'Brain death is very rare; it is a kind of death, in which the heart keeps still working provided that doctors supply it with oxygen and medicine.'

Before the invention of the respiratory machines, the brain-dead person's heart would stop after two minutes, she said.

She added that organ donation has almost no age limits and one person can donate one to eight organs.

Saying that Iran is the first country in Asia and the 35th in the world, she added that Spain and Scandinavian countries top the chart.

Giving the difference between brain death and deep coma, she said that the brain dead patient cannot be revived, but a person in deep coma may return to life.


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