May 21, 2019, 12:31 PM
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Trump worst US president: US politician

New York, May 21, IRNA – President Donald Trump is the worst President the US has had and the US media is in shock that the US president is tweeting out threats, Arn Menconi, a Democratic candidate for US Congress from Colorado told IRNA in an interview.

'I don't think there has been any preplanning. This is threats without foresight,' Menconi told IRNA.

He added that Trump has no intention of going to war with Iran, but he is trying to cripple Iran and to digress the news of Trump's corruption and scandals.

'[National Security Agency] Director John Bolton has been wanting to go to war with Iran for many years and has said so. I would hope that there is a dispute in the White House but Secretary of State Pompeo seems to going along and the Secretary of Defense is still 'acting Secretary' until he is confirmed by the Senate.'
He said that Trump is in a lot of trouble with the investigations by the Democratic Congress and that he is using this to both take the media attention off of all his scandals and that he doesn't want war with Iran going into elections next year.

'Trump is America's Weapons of Mass Distraction,' he said, 'One day he could be asking for better relations and the next call for war. Nothing he says is believable. He's dangerous.'

He added that no one in America wants another war and that the US wants to pull out of the Middle East, but, 'Saudi Arabia and Israel want to have the US fight their battles which is improbable to happen.'

Menconi also said that the US behavior is for crippling Iran and the sad thing is that 'Iran had been complying with the Iran Deal.'

Answering a question about Europeans' reaction to Trump, he said, 'The Europeans such as Germany and France think Trump is a fool.'
'Unfortunately, the Europeans, even if they opposed it, the US would ignore what they want and proceed with like Obama and Hillary Clinton did in Libya.'


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