May 20, 2019, 5:44 PM
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Growing tensions in ME not in US favor: Russian expert

Moscow, May 20, IRNA – Mounting tensions in the Middle East region is not in the interest of the US, and that's why Washington is unlikely to enter a new phase of confrontation with Iran, a Russian analyst and president of the Academy of Geopolitical Issues Konstantin Sivkov said Monday.

US President Donald Trump is fully aware of the horrible outcomes of any confrontation, and the officials in Washington know that the recent sabotage against oil tankers was made by those who are seeking escalation between Iran and the US, he said.

Last week, media reported that four ships were attacked near the important UAE port Fujairah. Emirati officials called it as 'sabotage attack'.

Describing Iran's moves as wisely calculated, the Russian expert said that it is reasonable that Iran is not willing to negotiate with Washington as Tehran believes that any talk with the US government bearing endless record of violating internationally recognized agreements sounds pointless.

Referring to the US withdrawal from Iran's peaceful nuclear deal, Sivkov said the move by Washington was made despite the UN Security Council approval of the deal through Resolution 2231.

He called on Tehran and Washington to ease strained relations as he believed that escalation in the region was not in the interest of neither side.

Without explicit reference to any specific country, the expert said that Iran and the US should be careful as there are some states in the region that seek to create tension between Tehran-Washington.

He also noted that Russia will spare no efforts to improve tricky situation, but the two countries should first determine to resolve the disputes and exercise restraint.

Iran has advanced weapons, and Washington is aware of Iran's military capabilities, and knows that getting involved in conflict with the country will pose irreversible damages to them, he said.


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