May 18, 2019, 6:45 PM
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Trump and waiting for a call from Tehran

Tehran, May 18, IRNA - Some media and analysts in the West see contradictory statements about the White House's approach to Iran as Donald Trump's interest-seeking goals and his needs to negotiate with Tehran as a great diplomatic success.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of controversy over the preparation of the United States for confrontation with Iran in the media. The most important justification for most of these analysis was the news of the United States aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln heading to the Persian Gulf and the arrival of some B-52. But the New York Times' report that the White House was planning to prepare and dispatch of 120,000 additional US military troops to the Middle East was a major issue that, while improving the sensitivity of the situation, changed the situation even against American warmongers.

** Trump's promise to US public opinion

The escalation of tensions between Washington and Tehran, and even news of increased military maneuvers, have been analyzed in two directions. From the standpoint of some media, the news of this American newspaper was considered correct and crucial taking about the beat on the war drum.

On the other hand, public opinion and media in the United States saw this possible move by Trump's government as a major blow to his credibility, since one of his most important slogans was opposition to Washington's involvement in any new war and the end to the American participation in foreign wars.

According to the Associated Press, after two weeks of inflamed situation of the threat posed by the threat of war on Iran in the media, the situation has calmed down and the US president says fake news has caused such a situation. Of course, this tension began last year with the withdrawal of the White House from a nuclear deal with Iran, which was signed at the Obama era.

The news agency cites a similar policy on Iran as a challenge to Trump, adding that while he tries to use a harsh tune against his foreign enemies, a military conflict with Iran will make it difficult for Trump to be re-elected.

** Trump and warmongers

The second analysis seems to be more in line with the United States' realities, because just after this change, the president of the country expressed his clear stance on the false predictions about the US war with Iran, saying that the White House has no decision to confront with Iran.

In a Twitter message, he also accused some of the media of making false and fake news and criticized how to cover the news.

These contradictory conditions even caused some media outlets to publish rumor over White House National Security Advisor John Bolton's dismissal. Bolton has a very intense anti-Iranian approach and, along with the Arab rulers of the Persian Gulf region, are beating on the drum of war with Tehran.

According to the media in the West, Trump's dissatisfaction with the media and some of his associates has led him to make it clear to his advisers that he is not seeking a war with Iran.

The New York Times has reported that there is a dispute between Trump and national security adviser about Iran. Unlike the US president, John Bolton calls for a military conflict with Iran and expresses his dissatisfaction with the diplomacy of Trump.

In addition, the fear of interference of the personal demands of some individuals and groups has raised American lawmakers' inconvenience and concern. Recently, the heads of the three Foreign Relations, Intelligence and Armed Services Committees called on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to provide them documents on Iran's capabilities and actions in order to prevent any distortion of information about Iran.

** Trump eyeing call from Tehran

According to some experts, in fact Donald Trump pursues the same approaches of Washington vis-a-vis Tehran by increasing pressure and compelling Iran to negotiate. The New York Times has noted that Trump's views to confront Iran is sharply close to Barack Obama's.

According to the aforementioned analysis, after a week's different news and various comments from the US officials on the war with Iran, the advisors are referring to Trump's priorities as negotiation and not confrontation.

The American newspaper reported that the president knows what he does not want. He does not want to endorse Obama's agreement with Iran. Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal because the former president of the United States signed it.

The New York Times added that the same conditions for North Korea had already occurred for Trump, although initially there was a threat of anger and fire between the two leaders, but they met each other and now, from Trump’s point of view, the North Korean nuclear threat has been ended.

However, the report emphasizes that Trump wants meeting with Hassan Rouhani. Experience also says that rewriting a nuclear deal with Iran would not make much difference in Obama's nuclear deal. The rewriting of the NAFTA deal with Mexico and Canada did not change anything. However, Trump knows that the rules of a strategic and nuclear game are different.

Some media and experts believe that Trump is seeking the propagandistic use of the issue of negotiating with Tehran. He wants to take Iran to the negotiating table to defeat the rivals in the 2020 elections. For this reason, Iran has offered a direct telephone number to make this contact easier.

The CNN Web site in a report entitled 'Iran, please give Trump a call' noted “Donald Trump is waiting for his phone to ring after diplomatic relations ended between Washington and Tehran in 1980”.

According to this analysis, by making his willingness for a phone call clear, President Trump is laying the groundwork for an attempt, through his bipolar style of negotiations, at an agreement bearing his signature, instead of those of the previous US administration and the other world powers. As Trump stated when he exited the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, better known as the Iran deal, in May 2018, he seeks 'to negotiate a new deal'. US National Security Adviser John Bolton and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo have extensive requirements for any settlement.

The two are ideological people who show harsh approaches against Iran, and Donald Trump is also directing the show.

Trump says his only wish is that Iran cannot approach a nuclear weapon. The US president simultaneously stresses, 'We do not want to hurt Iran.'

According to the analysis of the news network, Donald Trump's policies are solely for the benefit of his position. Trump strongly calls for Iran to call and meet with the authorities in Tehran. The optimism of the US president has increased so much that it says Iran wants and calls soon.


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