May 18, 2019, 4:28 PM
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Ambassador: Trump's call for negotiation deception

Madrid, May 18, IRNA – Iran's Ambassador to Colombia Mohammad Ali Ziyaei said on Saturday that by the time US President Donald Trump avoids proving his maturity and rationality, entering into negotiations with him sounds impossible.

The Iranian ambassador made the remarks in an interview with Colombian daily 'El Espectador' which hit the newsstands on Saturday.

The US sets of sanctions imposed against Iran are illegal, inhumane and unacceptable, he said.

The UN resolutions have removed sanctions against Iran, but the US tries through its power and influence to urge other countries to pursue its policies which is regarded as blatant inference in internal affairs of one country running counter to the UN charter, he said.

Although a number of European and Asian countries resist against wide-scale implementation of these sanctions, but in fact these sanctions have left impacts on us and presently the oil industry is at a serious risk as major part of our economy depends on oil industry, but we try to take advantage of the current situation and change this threat to an opportunity to rebuild other parts of our economy, the ambassador said.

'We are under resistance and believe that will be able to successfully overcome the negative impacts of these sanctions, it is tough but it is not impossible,' he underlined.

The US is now mounting pressures on Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia to force them to change their course of actions, he said.

Presently we are engaged with a trade war, the ambassador said.

In fact, President Trump suffers from lack of achievements in his foreign diplomacy and for the same reason invites Iran to negotiation table and at the same time sends warships and warplans to the region, he said.

Under such circumstances Iran cannot attend the negotiation table as the country never accepts military threat, therefore, 'we have to exercise patience with the hope that the US president would become mature.


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