Iran-US tensions alarming for regional security: Pak analyst

Islamabad, May 18, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani analyst says rising tension between Iran and the US is alarming for the regional and international security.

In an interview with IRNA, Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal, professor at the School of Politics and International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University said that the current Iran-US tensions are very destabilizing and any conflict between the two countries will disturb the maritime traffic in the Persian Gulf.
He said that President Donald Trump from the very beginning has been using Iranian card and now also contemplating to use the Iranian card to get the support of the Jewish lobby in the US.
“So in that context for the sake of his domestic popularity his is going to use this conflict or increase the tensions with Iran but it is not good for the region,” said the expert.
He added that President Trump is intended to limit Tehran’s increasing influence in the Middle East.
The analyst was of the view if something happens in the region it will create lot of trouble for the regional actors as well as for the entire Europe.
Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal went on to say that Iranians are very clear that they are not interested in the war and Supreme Leader has categorically stated that 'war is neither in our interest nor in the US.'
“In the case of United States one can assume that war serves their purpose, war can serve their policies in the Middle East, war can serve the purpose of President Trump for electoral politics,” he noted.
The analyst said that undeniably, war is not in the interest of Iran and Tehran is doing its best to avoid a war with the United States.
The professor expressing his views said that Pakistan should maintain strict bilateralism in current situation, it should maintain its cordial relations with Iran and also its working relationship with the US and maintaining its relations with both, Pakistan should play a mediatory role.
“If there is war between Iran and the US, we will be the biggest surfers of the spillover impact of that war,” the analyst added.
He said that Pakistan should play a positive and constructive role for the security of region. “It is in our interest that there should be no conflict in the Strait of Hormuz,” he viewed.
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