Pak daily urges world to restrain US from misadventure in region

Islamabad, May 17, IRNA -- A Pakistani English news daily has stressed upon the need for the international community to restrain the US from yet another misadventure in the region that could be dangerous and damaging for world peace.

Daily ‘Business Recorder’, in its editorial comments said the world should not just hold its breath but exercise its collective will to stop US from any provocative action.

It said Iran has also warned of adventurism by foreign players to disrupt maritime security with implications for oil flows.

The paper said Iran is under crippling sanctions ever since the US unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear agreement despite Iran's adherence to the accord's terms.

“The European Union, particularly the UK, France and Germany, have cautioned the US against ratcheting up tensions in the area, which may result in an accidental conflagration,” said the editorial.

The paper added Donald Trump's wayward style of conducting foreign policy has produced no success so far against three targeted governments, those of North Korea, Venezuela and Iran. “However, his fumbling style poses risks of conflagrations breaking out because of provocative actions, sanctions and pressure against such governments,” said the editorial.

It added any disruption of oil flow is likely to hurt Europe and the rest of the world more than the US, whose oil imports are shrinking.

The Persian Gulf is already an extremely volatile area so the world should not just hold its breath but exercise its collective will to restrain the US from yet another government change adventure that could prove even more dangerous and damaging than the catastrophes in Iraq, Libya and (almost) Syria.


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