May 16, 2019, 3:02 PM
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Iran poses no threat to Iraq or any other state, spokesman

New York, May 16, IRNA – The spokesman for Iranian mission to the UN said on Thursday that Iran poses no threat to Iraq or any other state and that partial evacuation of US embassy in Iraq was part of the Washington's psychological warfare against Iran.

Iran poses no threat to Iraq or any other state and it has no intention to attack any place, Alireza Miryousefi said in a statement on Thursday.

He made the remarks in reaction to an alleged report of the US daily, Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper claimed that 'Trump administration ordered a partial withdrawal of its diplomats from Iraq on Wednesday, as Washington warned of heightened threats from Iran and Tehran-backed Shia militia.'

Such allegations are part of the US psychological warfare against Iran and the Iranian people will not capitulate, Miryousefi said.

In reference to the history of Iran's peaceful co-existence with other nations, he said that Iran has always defended itself against foreign attacks and has no strategy for attacking any other state.

'This is just the latest escalation in the propaganda warfare the US waged against Iran, using “Fake intelligence” perhaps hoping to initiate a conflict.
'Iran is no threat to anybody in Iraq or elsewhere, and Iran is not preparing for any attacks anywhere.
'Iran, as is evidenced by our history, only acts in self-defense, and has no offensive strategy against any nation. Iranians will not capitulate to this new psychological war.'
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