May 15, 2019, 6:42 PM
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Deal of Century never to yield result: Hamas official

Tehran, May 15, IRNA- The representative of the Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine (Hamas) in Iran emphasized that the Deal of the Century will never yield any result, provided that the division in the region is put aside and 'all of us are united and we will confront the Zionist regime, which is the enemy of us all.”

'We have three patterns in the region; the primary pattern is the Zionist enemy,' Khalid al-Qaddumi said Wednesday in a meeting held on the occasion of the Nakba Day in Society for the Defense of Palestinian Nation. 'Another pattern is to accompany the Zionist enemy and other pattern, is hostility to the Zionist enemy.'

He noted that, 'We do not have more than these three categories. In my opinion, we are in the center of resistance alongside Palestine and Quds, and against the Zionist enemy and its entourage.'

Hamas representative in Tehran argued that the discussion of compromise has been raised, but “we do not believe in anything other than resistance”, highlighting, “In this approach, we believe that God and victory are on our side. This approach is psychologically reassuring. Arab demons and supporters of compromise, each night have a nightmare on which side to go, but we are safe and calm because our goal is to eliminate Israel.'

Qaddumi went on to say that the resistance has caused the Zionist regime to be out of temper and that it has become psychological concern at the head of the pyramid of the political system of the United States and Israel, stating that there is no other way ahead of the Palestinian people. 'Why does Trump give telephone number? Because they have psychological concerns. We are moving against the enemy. Our enemy is neither Iran nor Islam, but our enemy is the Zionist regime and the American actions in the region.'

Stating that 'we are standing to the end”, the high-ranking Palestinian official pointed out, 'Today's resistance has had gains. Today we are more successful than before.”

In describing the current political resistance movement, Hamas senior official in Iran as highlighted that the internal situation in Israel is in a way that they are struggling to achieve political gains. The same thing has led them to the mistake of attacking Gaza because they think that Gaza is a vulnerable and weak area, but despite the victory, they could not form the government, and the pressure of the family of the soldiers who are in captivity of resisting forces, led them to invaded Gaza to overshadow the matters but they did not face any achievement.

Qaddumi said that the Americans have plots and plans against the region and Palestine, but they do not seem to yield any result, noting, 'Palestine has been standing against all kinds of plots for 71 years. It's been 11 days that they attacked the Gaza that was under siege, but they did not yield the result.”


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