US anti-Iran approach poses serious threat to regional peace: Pak Prof

Islamabad, May 15, IRNA -- A Pakistani professor says US anti-Iran approach is not a new phenomenon but this hostility towards the Islamic Republic poses a serious threat to the regional peace.

In an interview with IRNA, Dr. Rashid Ahmad Khan, Head of Department, School of Politics and International Relations, University of Central Punjab said Pakistan should stand with brotherly country of Iran in current situation.

The analyst said Iran-US tensions which are now quite at a high level, are not a new phenomenon, ever since the success of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 Iran had to face hostility from the United States.

“Because Iran has always challenged US vested interests in the Persian Gulf area, it also challenges American policies directly, it challenges the illegitimate Zionist Regime and supports pro-Palestinian elements, so these are the causes the factors which are responsible for the emergence of this situation marked by the tension between Iran and the US,” said the scholar.

The expert was of the view that there is a very little possibility of direct clash between Iran and the US as both sides know it will be very devastative, it will be very destructive and it will have very serious implications for the security and for the peace of the region because it will not remain confined and restricted to Persian Gulf region but other neighboring states of Iran would also be affected, like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

“Even Russia and China would not remain unaffected because if their stakes in the peace and security of the region, they have very important interests in the region, they have very close trade and economic relations with Iran,” he noted.

Dr. Rashid Ahmad Khan added that China has very important trade and economic links with Iran so any clash between Iran and the US will have very far reaching impacts on the countries of Asia.

Professor viewed that Pakistan should stand with brotherly country of Iran in this situation because Iran has always stood with Pakistan right from the beginning.

“Pakistan should make it clear that it would not support any aggression against Iran and it would not support any illegal, unilateral action against Iran because Iran has not committed aggression against any country,” the analyst said.

He added that Pakistan should adopt a policy according to the principles of the UN charter. Dr. Rashid said Pakistan would not allow any conflict happen in its neighborhood because it will affect Pakistan directly.

“Pakistan should make it clear to Saudi Arabia and the US that it cannot remain aloof in this kind of situation,” noted the analyst.


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