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Heritage of Ferdowsi, savior of national identity

Mashhad, May 15, IRNA - Abolqasem Firdowsi Tusi (c. 940–1020) has a unique role in preserving the ancient Persian language and literature with his valuable work 'Shahnameh' is honored as savior of national Iranian identity and glory of the past.

Abolqasem Ferdowsi, the epic poet of Iran left a legacy of poetry for the posterity who, according to himself, no wind and rain in the ups and downs of the tumultuous times, do not not disturb it, and does not repeat the history of the past and future’s experience.

The poetry of 'Shahnameh' is considered to be the most famous from Ferdowsi and the world's greatest epic, which somewhat embraces ancient Iranian history.

The Arabs, after the capture of Iran in the early part of the Anno Hegirae first century, tried to impose their writing and language on the Iranian people, although they succeeded to change the writing of Iranians from Pahlavi to Arabic, and they also made progress in changing the language, but since throughout history, the change of rule was done in the cities, and the villages had a special role in preserving the culture of Iran, away from political issues and conflicts, this time the villages also had a good role in preserving the Persian language.

The exact date when the Shahnameh has been written is not precisely known, but based on the evidence and conformity with the historical events it is possible to announce the Shahnameh of Abu Mansouri by Ferdowsi has been in 369 or 370 AH

** Absence of historical document for Ferdowsi's birth day

A prominent expert on Ferdowsi said, “Determining the exact date for the birth of Ferdowsi is by no means possible and does not have a solid historical record.

Dr. Mohammad Jafar Yahaqqi added, 'In the context of the social life and culture of the past centuries, registration of the exact date of birth of the people was not important, so it was about Ferdowsi.
Even the birth year of this great man in the history of Iranian literature, has been characterized by hard work as 1329 AH. Therefore, the exact date of the birth of a person in a thousand years ago, even as great as Ferdowsi is by no means possible.

* Shahnameh; Iran's eternal legacy

The prominent professor of Persian language and literature in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, went on to say, “Persian literature is a national and historical heritage, and what has happened in the past is important and part of the importance of Persian literature for the world, is the question of its age.
Dr. Yahaqqi added that a thousand years ago a book such as 'Shahnameh' was created, 800 years ago a work such as 'Golestan', or a book such as 'Divan Hafiz' is very important because the life of literature in any country other than Greece does not exceed 400 years.

He stated that the countries that have nowadays dominated the contemporary literature do not have a long history, and the historical record of works is interesting for them.

Yahaqqi on other aspects of the importance of Persian literature said, “The basic and humanitarian issues that are addressed in Persian literature are not national but transnational and humanitarian.”

He made the remarks that the messages and thoughts that exist in Persian literature can be considered as a human capital, and so, when the world, especially in the past, saw this richness and originality, it embraces it.

The university professor said that when many French writers were familiar with Saadi welcomed him and his works, and today, who are more familiar with Rumi, they know what treasure of meanings and thoughts are facing

* Shahnameh; element of identity

The faculty member of the Persian language and literature department of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Dr. Farzad Qaemi, declaring that Shahnameh was not the chosen name of Ferdowsi for its eternal effect but also the literary flow of that period, stated, 'During the time and conditions of the Samanids and the fourth century, the Persian language of Dari was particularly well-supported.“

He stated that Ferdowsi's motivation was not personal in versify of Shahnameh, adding that Ferdowsi's motivation in the life of this great poet was significant because he had a national and religious bias in this regard.

He stated that today Shahnameh has become part of the Iranian identity and one of the concepts of being Iranian in the world, wenting on to say, 'The fact that Ferdowsi's Shahnameh is not limited to literary work is one of the causes of the survival of Shahnameh.

The professor highlighted, 'The Shahnameh is a sublime of metaphor and exquisite spiritual industry, and it shows that Ferdowsi is a creative poet.'
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