May 13, 2019, 6:21 PM
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Pompeo pursuing warm ties between Moscow, Washington

Moscow, May 13, IRNA - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the first time departed for Russia to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Black Sea coast in addition to meeting his Russian counterpart.

Pompeo's unprecedented trip to Sochi is taking place as Russia-US relations worsened everyday in the past three years because President Donald Trump has been under severe criticism and accusations for collusion with Russia for his presidential election since his first day at office.

A few weeks ago, Trump who left behind the two-year pressure of Mueller's report on colluding with Russia on the occasion of Putin's visit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, called him. The call lasted more than an hour, and many scholars believe that Trump was determined to assess the reaction of the US Democrats, who are strongly pushing for pressure on him to expand relations with Russia.

According to the Kremlin, the leaders of Russia and the United States, at the request of the American side, reviewed the current and future status of bilateral relations with an emphasis on economic cooperation.

The presidents of both countries called for the development of business cooperation, the convergence of investment and talked about bilateral readiness for activating dialogues in various fields, including strategic stability.

Putin also briefed Trump on his visit with Kim Jong-un, pointing out that honest implementation of Pyongyang's commitments should be accompanied by a reduction in sanctions against North Korea.

The two sides emphasized the importance of progressively pursuing the path of nuclear disarmament and achieving a long-term normalization of the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

The situation in Ukraine, despite the recent presidential election in this country was also the focus of the talks, and Putin stressed that the new president of Ukraine should really take steps to implement the Minsk agreement, which is important for resolving the internal conflicts of Ukraine.

The Russian president, in the course of the exchange of views on the situation surrounding Venezuela, noted that only the Venezuelans themselves have the right to determine their country's destiny.

Russia's policy towards Venezuela is different from what Trump claims to be, because Mike Pompeo, the head of the country's diplomacy, says something else, so the Russians cannot be sure what the ultimate US approach will be to them.

Before departing for Moscow, he described the Russians as the cause of the status quo in Venezuela, claiming hundreds of Russian agents have Venezuela in their control. According to him, the Russians control Venezuelan politics and the United States is deeply interested in not relying on Russia and Cuba ehich is near the United States, so Russia must leave Venezuela.

However, Vladimir Jebbarov, the first deputy chairman of the International Committee of the Federation Council believes that telephone calls are a good sign for the entire international community from the point of view of stabilizing the international situation.

Alexander Dormin, professor of law at the School of Economics believes that the internal situation in the United States is complicated and the two factions will not allow the US foreign policy to change fundamentally.

According to him, now the hands of Trump and the possibility of normalizing relations with Russia have become larger.

He added, 'Regarding the presidential election, which will take place in November next year, Trump will avoid definitive action, but even under this condition, open dialogue can help resolve some regional issues.'

Richard Whites, a former Pentagon adviser said Pompeo's visit to the country and telephone conversation between the leaders of the two countries are controversial with regard to the situation in Venezuela and the recent summit of Russian and North Korean leaders at Vladivostok.

The Russian Institute for Strategic Studies expert, Igor Pshenichnikov also insists on a dialogue between Moscow and Washington to prevent the absolute instability of the region, and claims that Russia defends international law, which is being violated in Venezuela.

All in all, Pompeo visited Moscow while Trump sought to demonstrate good performance in foreign policy for his second term presidential election.

Although the name of Iran in the Russian media is not mentioned about the possible visit of the US and Russian officials, given the US military movements in the region and threats of the country, it seems unlikely that the two sides do not talk to each other regarding Iran.

In regard to Iran, there are many differences between the two countries, Russia is a supporter of Iran nuclear deal, while supporting the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran and blaming the US on complex situation regarding the future of the nuclear deal.

The Russians, led by Russian President Vladimir Putin, have shown that the country will only move in line with its national interests and everything that is useful for the Russians in the short, medium, and long-term, and their priority now is strategic stability for control of Nuclear weapons, Ukraine's abandoning its positions, the lack of US involvement in the internal crisis in Venezuela, the continuation of relations with the West and the lifting of US sanctions against the country in the direction of expanding trade relations.


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