May 10, 2019, 4:00 PM
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Europeans facing great test on JCPOA: Senior cleric

Tehran, May 10, IRNA - Tehran's Interim Friday Prayers Leader Mohammad Javad Haj Ali-Akbari pointed to the government’s decision to suspend some of its obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal ( JCPOA), saying Global community and the Europeans face a great test regarding JCPOA.

During this week’s Friday prayers sermon in Tehran, Haj Ali-Akbari said: 'The Supreme National Security Council of Iran (SNSC) did a reciprocal response to American mischief and the lack of work by the European governments, which was a legitimate act.

He added that this action could be taken last year after the United States withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, but it was delayed.

Noting that Tehran’s declaration was not a spontaneous measure, the senior cleric said, Iran decided to rightfully walk away from some of its JCPOA commitments to show its firm stance against the US’ hostile actions.

He also said that the EU’ rejection of Iran’s 60-day ultimatum on JCPOA shows they are angry with our decision.

“The global community, the Europeans and Iran’s Supreme National Security Council are now at a big test,” Haj Ali-Akbari said, adding that it will not be in favor of Europeans if they do not pay attention to the deadline.

Tehran's Interim Friday Prayers Leader Mohammad Javad Haj Ali-Akbari said that the United States in the Middle East, whose main prey is considered to be, lacks a loyal alliance, saying that the Asian powers, such as China and Russia, have not cooperated with the United States, and the other powers are not willing to cooperate with it.

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran is not withdrawing from the nuclear deal, rather it is reducing its commitments to the deal and that JCPOA needs surgery.

The Iranian president said that the deal is in need of a surgery, so Iran is trying to save it, not kill it.

He made the remarks in his cabinet session on the first anniversary of the US unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

'We have never been the first to violate the commitments or to wage wars, but at the same time we have never surrendered to bullying and will not do so, and we will certainly give appropriate response to any kind aggression,' President Rouhani said.

'Today we announced to the friendly countries and the five remaining signatories to the nuclear deal that we are ready for negotiations within the very framework of the JCPOA, neither a word more nor less,' he added.

Iranian foreign minister in a message referred to US bullying toward the world, saying the European Union should uphold obligations, including normalization of economic relations.

'EU statement today is why JCPOA is where it is: the US has bullied Europe—and rest of world—for a year and EU can only express 'regret',' Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote in his Twitter account on Thursday.


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