May 8, 2019, 7:04 PM
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Zionists succumb to Palestinian terms on Gaza

Beirut, May 7, IRNA - The details of the recent cease-fire agreement between the Palestinians and the Zionist regime, following three days of intense clashes that took place with the Egyptian mediation, show that the constant attacks of the Palestinian resistance to the occupied territories had put Zionists at a standstill to stop these attacks.

The recent clashes in Gaza began on Friday evening with helicopter attacks of the Zionist army on a camp in Gaza followed by months of deliberation between resistance groups that are now acting as a coordinating body with the Egyptian mediator for a ceasefire in the past, and the failure to implement previous agreements and the intensification of certain restrictions from.

Earlier, Palestinian groups had warned Egyptian negotiators and other organizations about the Zionist regime's unreliability. Given the failure to implement the provisions of the previous cease-fire agreement and the long-term blockade of the Gaza Strip, the situation is extremely alarming, but Tel Aviv did not pay much attention to this issue.

Eventually, after a few rounds of the Egyptian delegation's trip to Gaza Strip and warnings by Palestinian groups, including the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), the new conflict began on Friday, May 3, and given the readiness of both sides and the previous Israeli deployments around Gaza quickly escalated.

Resistance groups, with 13 years of Gaza blockade, during the conflict, with the prior readiness to promote the quality and quantity of their indigenous missiles, on Saturday and Sunday, quickly fired 650 rockets into occupied areas and military bases of the Zionist regime, and even for the first time Hamas UAVs changed the scene of war in their favor and shocked the Zionists.

The Zionist regime, which has prevented the arrival of food and medicine over the past 13 years since the siege of Gaza, has even added fuel to these banned items and made the fishermen of this Strip jobless because of the increase the area of the siege was expecting the surrender of the Gazans, but it suddenly faced and shocked with two new weapons in this conflict; one the UAVs and attack on its military vehicles and the other Kornet anti-aircraft missile, urging Tel Aviv to surrender and push Egypt to mediate as soon as possible not to make things worse.

According to recent reports, during the recent Egyptian talks to establish a ceasefire, not only the previous conditions have been made binding, but also added a new clause to the previous one.

Al-Arabi al-Jadid website quoted informed sources that according to the new terms on the agreement, the Zionist regime, once the clashes have stopped, have to implement the recent agreements to calm the situation in Gaza, and in the meantime, increase the allowed mileage for Palestinians fishermen in the Gaza waters to 15 miles, the increase in the amount of fuel sent to the power plant during the holy month of Ramadan, to facilitate the import of goods to Gaza, or to export goods to the outside of Gaza.

In this agreement, the necessity of stopping the shooting of the Zionist military forces towards the participants in the peaceful demonstration of the weekly March of Return on the Gaza Strip was emphasized and it was announced that in case of violation of this clause, any agreement would be invalidated and canceled and, in the case of shooting to the demonstrators, all Zionist goals will be targets of the resistance.

The March of Return was launched from the past two years aimed at emphasizing the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes from different countries and restoration of their rights by the resistance groups in Palestine, and in particular Hamas, is taking place on every Friday.

During the rally, 277 Palestinians have been martyred and thousands more injured as a result of shooting by Zionist forces at the demonstrators.

Putting this condition in the recent agreement will allow the Palestinians to continue the March of Return safely on Friday this week and next weeks.

At the same time, according to the new agreement, the Zionist regime does not have the right to assassinate the Palestinian leaders, whether political or military, and this is the same as the regime's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on May 6 stressed in order to perhaps in the future, find a possible way to rescue the resentment of the resistance groups with the assassination of their leaders and to bring the left and rights political groups inside Israel to accompany him.

Report by: Davoud Poursehhat
Translated by: Hamed Shahbazi


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