May 8, 2019, 6:31 PM
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Deal of Century; failed solution for most complex crisis

Tehran, May 7, IRNA – US President Donald Trump has proposed “Deal of the Century” for peace in the occupied territory, but experts say that given the fundamental differences between Israel and Palestine and the US' unilateral approach, there is no hope for peace in this region.

The “Deal of the Century” is the title of a promotional proposal that the US government has been designing since the coming into power of Donald Trump, a formula that is supposed to put an end to over 70 years of conflict between Palestine and the Zionist regime.

The Deal is a peace plan that nobody knows what its content is. Even rumors and unofficial news about the content of this plan have so far been faced by American definite denials.

The US government’s proposal is aimed at putting an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an introduction to the normalization of Arab-Israeli relations.

Some believe that the right to return for Palestinian refugees to their country is permanently canceled.

The disagreement between Palestinians and Israelis over the borders of each other, civil rights and national sovereignty is a fundamental controversy that is rooted in the key positions of the two sides.

However, the US official propaganda about this peace plan is based on the fact that the positions of both sides are considered and the success of the plan depends on the acceptance of the plan by the two sides.

Considering the importance of the subject and the proposal of the Trump government, the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) interviewed the expert on American affairs Amir Ali Abulfateh.

** Deal of the Century , and the 70 years of conflict between Israel, Palestine

Abulfateh noted, “The issue between Israel and Palestine is complex and complicated with the diversity of subjects and diversity of actors who have deferent interests in the region, and in recent years was one of the most complex issues in the Middle East.'

He noted that several peace plans had been proposed by the American statesmen, and most of the leaders and the prime ministers of Israel and other countries, but none of them had succeeded in creating the ultimate goal and creating a peace between Palestine and Israel, and if plan is to be a base for the normalization of relations between Israel and the Arabs, however, this is still not the case.

According to the expert, during the presidency of Donald Trump, there has been more focus on the subject of Palestine and Israel, and the United States has withdrawn from the position of a neutral and mediator country and has supported apparently one side, and now given the positions of the Trump government, the relationship between the Palestinian Authority as the most important representative of Palestinians and the United States has been at its worst conditions, and no one can expect that peace be achieved with this one-dimensional Washington policy.

'The United States disregarded the Security Council's regulations on the Palestinians and unilaterally transferred its embassy from Tel Aviv to Beit ul-Moqqadas, recognizing the sovereignty of Israel on Golan Height. With respect to such positions and decisions adopted by the United States, in principle, any agreement or proposal is not accepted by the Palestinians,' he said.

Although Israel has taken concession on the Palestine issue from the United States, it seems that the extreme right faction and Netanyahu, which is rulling Israel to refuse the Deal of Century. They believe it may be a trading plan.

They believe that the Deal of Century could not satisfy Israel the most radical Israeli current, and in this regard there is doubt about it, and until the exact declaration of the Deal of Century plan no one can definitely access it.

He concluded, “Although the designers of the Deal of the Century believe, they have come up with a formula that satisfy all sides, given the unilateralism of the US policy in the region and the deep-seated and divisions between Israel and Palestine, It seem there will no success for the plan. '


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