May 6, 2019, 11:16 AM
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London's new game to silence justice- seeking media, WikiLeaks

London, May 6, IRNA - The British government, which has a dark history of suppressing whistle-blowers, is seeking a new and dangerous adventure under pretext of defending the freedom of the press, silence the voice of liberal and justice- seeking media, WikiLeaks.

16 years since the suspected death of Dr. David Kelly, a former United Nations weapons inspector who exposed British and American lies about the invasion of Iraq and the fabricated allegation of existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but the London government continues to insist that the world's public opinion, to accept the strange narrative and a bogus suicide attempt by this British scientist.

David Kelley was a senior weapons expert who had several times visited Iraq under UN auspices in the 1990s to inspect weapons and prevent 'Saddam Hussein' access to weapons of mass destruction, serving in the United Kingdom Department of Defense in the same position.

A former BBC correspondent for defense affairs, Andrew Gilligan, claimed in 2003 in a report that a UK official had told him that the government had exaggerated the intelligence agencies’ reports on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and that the source did not accept the risk of the Iraqi nuclearization.

The BBC's report was highly controversial and was threatening British Prime Minister Tony Blair's position; because it was announced as the main reason for British and American military strikes against Iraq was the fears of existence of weapons of mass destruction and the threat of Iraqi nuclearization. But after the occupation of Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction have been traced in this country.

After David Kelly was considered as the source of the news, the British Parliamentary Investigation Committee summoned him.

Following the meeting with the MPs that he frankly answered the question, Kelly left the house for every day- walk on Thursday, July 17, 2003, and never returned home. The next day, his body was found while there was a knife and a few pills of pain next to him.

At that time, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, instead of ordering forensic medicine to investigate the death of David Kelley, urged Lord Hutton to carry out the investigation.

The result of the study showed that Kelly’s death was due to a large bleeding after the wrists vein was cut off with a kitchen knife. So far, several requests for the reopening of Dr Kelly's death case have been made, including eight physicians, have claimed that Lord Hutton's conclusion in his investigation is unreliable, since his wounds on his wrists are not so severe that causes severe bleeding and death. So far none of these requests has yet conclusion.

If the suspicious death of former British Foreign Minister Robin Cook, who explicitly stated that there is no group known as al-Qaeda, and these are British and American games to provoke people, to create fears and convince them that there should be a savior like these two countries, to save humanity from devil's trap, to be linked to what was called a heart attack, the British government is now under pressure for trial and imprisonment of the WikiLeaks website founder Julian Assange, who reveals the mysteries of London and Washington's crimes in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

After seven years of asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange was finally arrested by police on 22 April.

After seven years of asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange was finally detained by the police on April 11.
British officials said the police forces entered the embassy with the permission of the country's ambassador after the abolition of the asylum in Assange by the Ecuadorian government and arrest him.
At the same time, the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister and London Police also confirmed that Assange was arrested at the request of US officials to extradite him.
Assange was sentenced last week to a maximum sentence of 50 weeks imprisonment for allegedly violating the bail laws, and subsequently his extradition proceedings to the United States is underway.

According to the indictment, he cooperated in 2010 in a conspiracy with Chelsea Manning, former US intelligence analyst who was involved in revealing the United States secret documents, to access classified government information.

The information includes 90,000 reports on the Afghan war, 400,000 reports on the Iraq war and 800,000 reports on Guantanamo detainees, some of which have been published on the Wikileaks website.

At the first meeting of court on the US government's request to extradite him, Assange last Thursday protested and argued that he would not surrender to Washington.

** Claims to defend freedom of press

The British government recently formed a unit at the Foreign Ministry for what is called the Defense of Press Freedom. Ms. Amal Colooney, a Lebanese and international law expert, has been appointed as UK Foreign Office’s special envoy on media freedom by British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt.

Colooney, who previously was Julian Assange lawyer, is now chairing a group of high-level legal experts under the supervision of the British Foreign Office, which is to plan and make policies for the defense of global press rights worldwide.

By contrast, according to the Reporters Without Borders, in 2018 Britain has enjoyed the lowest level of media freedom compared to other European countries, and its rank is even lower than in countries such as South Africa, Lithuania and Trinidad, and was ranked 40. Indeed, Britain's current rank has fallen 18 times since its first report in 2002.

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