May 4, 2019, 11:28 AM
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Saudi Arabia and costly honeymoon with unreliable government

Tehran, April 30, IRNA- These days, Saudi Arabia is in a honeymoon in its relations with the United States; a honeymoon which was planned by the money of the wealthy rulers of Riyadh with a partner who is not to be trusted for guaranteeing the monarchs’ survival.

Donald Trump's recent remarks among his supporters indicated that he would remain a resolute advocate of the Saudi government, largely due to Riyadh's purchases from US companies, 'They have nothing but cash, right?' he told the crowd. 'They buy a lot from us, $450 billion they bought.' 'You had people wanting to cut off Saudi Arabia ... I don't want to lose them,' he said. These remarks once again revealed the US President's opportunism toward Saudi Arabia. Though this is a fact that is as clear as daylight, it seems that Riyadh rulers ignore it for various reasons.

In the present circumstances where the president of the United States has a long record of unilateral withdrawal from the international agreements, the question remains to be answered why the Saudi rulers invest so much on Washington. With what hope and guarantee?

** America- Saudi Arabia relations a matter of turbulence

When Trump took over the US presidency in the beginning of 2017, it was almost 2 years since the start of reign of Salman bin Abdulaziz in Saudi Arabia. Because of the Democrats' views and their particular vision, the anti-Iranian arena for the Saudis and the Zionists was not at least provided against 2015 Iranian nuclear deal. The failure of Riyadh and Tel Aviv to advance the Iranophobia and obstruction against the nuclear deal showed that the situation was not in favor of neither Salman's family neither Benjamin Netanyahu.

When Trump entered the US presidential election, his slogans especially those which were against Iran were greatly welcomed by Riyadh, and this was concurrent with the Saudi’s fear of this controversial candidate’s approach that the United States would no longer provide security for other countries in free. After Trump's entrance in the White House, the hope of the young Saudi crown prince was increased for undermining Iran’s regional power. Since then, the common goal of confrontation with Tehran has further strengthened the Western-Arab-Hebrew axis.

Unlike the tradition of previous kings, Salman and his son put aside conservatism in the domestic and foreign arena to restore their legitimacy by trying to gain US support and advance their excessive goals in the region in an easier and more frankly way than before.

The Saudis did not have anything to attract American support except for the great wealth gained from oil revenues; the wealth that was used to attract Trump as a businessman.

'It's easier to get money from the king of Saudi Arabia than rent a property in New York,' said the president of the United States with a tone that many analysts see as contemptuous. “You see, Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy country, and we defend them. We actually cost them, and they have nothing else but large amounts of cash ... we cost them to defend them, and they - on the contrary - make huge purchases from us. They buy $ 450 billion from us. . »

Although Riyadh and Washington are experiencing close ties these days, it's unclear how long this honeymoon will last, given the US record of breaking commitments and withdrawal from international treaties.

What Saudi leaders tend to ignore is that this honeymoon ends regarding the changing nature and fluidity of international developments, as soon as the cost of the US’ support of Arabia increases from its benefits.
The story of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi and the cost for Trump to support Bin Salman showed that the deal could expire. However, this belief especially exists for the Saudis as long as the flow of oil dollars goes to America, Riyadh and Washington are on the same front.

Given the growing possibilities of Democrats' victory in the upcoming presidential election in the United States, some say that the period of Trump in office may not last much longer, and soon the Saudis will realize their strategic mistake in spending vast amounts of money on Trump.

** Trump; an unreliable partner

Trump announcement that Washington imminently withdraws from the 'International Arms Trade Treaty,' adding another page to his breach of promises.

The breach of promises by the Republican president of America seems to have no end. In the view of the president of the United States, anything that is not in the interest of Washington's economic interests, and limits its freedom of action, can be revised, whether it is a bilateral treaty or an international treaty.

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