May 1, 2019, 9:27 PM
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Iran, Syria can leave behind sanctions with development of trade ties

Tehran, May 1, IRNA - The head of the Syria’s Chamber of Industry, said on Wednesday that Tehran and Damascus are under the influence of cruel sanctions and it is possible to get rid of sanctions by developing economic relations.

Addressing the Iranian-Syrian Trade, Economic Conference in Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture, Samer-al-Dabs noted on Wednesday, 'The development of economic, and commercial relations between the two countries can help expand cooperation in various fields.

“Syrian government is making best efforts to facilitate the transfer of Iranian goods to the country, and will pursue to remove high tariffs for Iranian goods,” the Syrian official said.

Samer-al-Dabs emphasized that Iran has been and remains Syrian's friend and brother and has been along with this country in all problems, and highlighted, 'Today, at the time of reconstruction, we will pay special attention to the presence of Iranians and prioritize the presence of Iranian companies.'

The head of the Syria’s Chamber of Industry underlined that the Iranians can move through the country to export goods to other countries and transfer their goods to Syria and also expressed his interest in launching an exhibition to familiarize Iranian businessmen with the Syrian side, as well as expressing readiness for holding Iranian exhibitions in Syria.

Eldbash said: 'The relations between Tehran and Damascus are in a good level in most areas,' he added. 'It is necessary to try to develop more and more trade relations.'

The Syrian official stated that the relations between Tehran and Damascus are in a good level in most areas and emphasized the development of business relations.

Syrian ambassador to Tehran Adnan Mahmoud, also considered the holding of the economic, trade conference refelects the serious determination of the two sides to develop trade and economic relations and went on to say, “Now it is necessary to create a strategic economic partnership between Iran and Syria in order to meet the interests of the two countries.”

He added, 'There is now a new era for Syria, and priority is the development of economic activities during this period, and the continued emphasis on the presence and participation of the private sector of Iran at this stage.”

The senior Syrian diplomat emphasized the presence of the Iranian private sector for the reconstruction of Syria and said that reconstruction of the infrastructure, buildings and other parts of the country should be done with the help of Iranians.

The Syrian ambassador referred to insufficient knowledge of the two sides private sectors about each other as a factor in the lack of promotions of the economic relations, saying that it is necessary to promote the recognition of the two countries with the holding of exhibitions.

Trade and Economic Conference of Iran and Syria Republic commenced in the venue of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce this morning.

According to Iran's Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, Tehran-Damascus have increased its trade turnover from $ 125 million in 2013 to $ 185 million in 2017.
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