Pakistani politician urges US to reconsider Iran policy

Islamabad, May 1, IRNA -- A senior Pakistani politician says that the US has to reconsider its policy towards Iran because confrontation leads to nowhere.

In an interview with IRNA, former Senator Afrasiab Khattak said no country in the world has a right to take decisions about other countries unilaterally.

After withdrawing from Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and re-imposition of unilateral sanctions against Iran, the US had agreed to let eight countries, including China, Japan, India and South Korea, Taiwan, Italy and Greece keep buying Iranian oil.

However, in a statement, the White House said US President Donald Trump has decided not to renew waivers that allow eight countries to buy Iranian oil without facing Washington's sanctions.

Afrasiab Khattak expressing his views said United Nations (UN) is the real forum to decide about the conduct of other countries and it is not fair that the US is taking unilateral decisions against Iran without the approval of the UN.

“We are concerned about the people of Iran and we don’t like them to see in any trouble,” he said.

The politician went to say that the US has to reconsider its policy towards Iran.

Former lawmaker added that even the US administration is not enjoying support of such decision from within the country.

“There are differences of opinion and many people in the US say the agreement the US had signed with Iran on nuclear issue was a better option because that had resolved most of the problems,” said Afrasiab Khattak.

He said there should be talks and negotiations between the countries as confrontation leads to nowhere.

Former Senator said that the incumbent US administration is pursuing a very aggressive policy towards Iran which was not even followed by the previous US governments. “I don’t think there is any good reason for that,” he viewed.

The politician said that Iran and Pakistan are neighboring countries of Afghanistan thus can play a vital role for bringing peace in Afghanistan. He said Iran is an important player in the region and I think Iran should not be excluded from consultations regarding peace in Afghanistan.


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