Feb 27, 2019, 6:57 PM
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Nano- herbal medicine produced in Tabriz

Tabriz, Feb 2, IRNA - A researcher at the University of Tabriz succeeded in producing nano-herbal medicine.

Zahra Rezaie with the support of a pharmaceutical company, succeeded in producing nano-herbal medicine of green nanocomposites and by using it in the process of planting of Dracocephalum was able to significantly increase the pharmaceutical composition of the plant by increasing the synthesis of compounds.

Rezaie referred Wednesday to the combination of Rosmarinic acid as a valuable drug compound and noted that the main source of this valuable drug compound used in many cosmetic products is the Rosemary plant, which grows a bit and produces a small amount of this material.

The researcher introduced the Dracocephalum plant as one of the sources of Rosmarinic Acid, and stressed, 'We have succeeded in developing a nanoscale-based strategy success in increasing the speed of production of Rosmarinic Acid in Dracocephalum.'

Rezaie went on to say, “In this project, we synthesized a nanocomposite that could incite the plant to produce the acid of Rosmarinic acid by entering the cells of the Dracocephalum.

“Production of Rosmarinic Acid is a defensive reaction in the Dracocephalum, which occurs due to exposure to external physical, chemical and microbial agents; the synthesized nanocomposite also plays a role of exterior agent for the plant and, by entering the plant cells, causes the plant's defensive action, the activation of key enzymes and the production of Rosmarinic Acid.


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