Feb 27, 2019, 6:03 PM
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Moscow, Damascus urge US army’s exit from Syrian territory

Tehran, Feb 27, IRNA - Russia and Syria in a joint statement on Wednesday called for the withdrawal of US forces from Syria and allowing the forces of Moscow and Damascus to vacate the Al-Rakban camp in southeast Syria.

The statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry expressed that the Russian and Syrian forces have prepared buses for the transfer of refugees from the Al-Rakban camp and their safe transportation from the camp to begin a new life, the Skye News reported.

The statement also called on the United States to withdraw its military units that are illegally present in Syria.

The United States, which had announced its decision to withdraw all its troops from Syria, announced last week that 400 military troops would remain in the two regions of Syria.

The 'Russian Reconciliation Center' in Syria's Hamimim base last month announced that the Al-Rakban camp in the south has become a safe haven for terrorists. The center added that the Al-Rakban camp has become a sanctuary for terrorists because of its proximity to the US base in Al-Tanf and the lack of access by the Syrian government.

According to the statement, the camp currently at the joint frontier of Jordan with Syria, is the center for equipping and sending terrorists, including the ISIS terrorist group, to central Syrian regions.

The Russian Reconstruction Center added that the humanitarian situation has deteriorated as a result of the United States for preventing humanitarian aid to this camp.


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