US-led geopolitical campaign against Huawei won’t affect its future: Rotating chairman

Tehran, Feb 26, IRNA/Global Times – In spite of political pressure from the US government, Huawei will cooperate with partners around the world to succeed in the 5G era, the company's rotating chairman told the Global Times ahead of the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

'Huawei is ahead in 5G technologies by a year thanks to our continuous investment in research and development,' said Guo Ping, rotating chairman of the Chinese company, which is also the largest telecoms equipment provider worldwide.

'Over the past few months, we have faced cyber security challenges by a certain country,' Guo said, referring to the US government, which has been lobbying its major allies to block Huawei equipment for building the next generation of mobile wireless technologies, citing security concerns.

'Who is secure or not should not be decided by politics,' Guo told the Global Times at a press conference on Sunday in Barcelona.

In terms of cyber security evaluation and assessment, out of 12 indicators, Huawei leads in nine of them. In the other three, it has had above-average performances, he said 'and we'll continue working with partners to improve cyber security.'

US President Donald Trump urged in a recent tweet that wireless technology companies step up their efforts to build 5G networks, and he cautioned against blocking any companies in pursuing this target.

'Due to complex reasons, Huawei does not merely exist in the US market,' Guo said, noting that the US does not represent the whole world. Even without the US, the Chinese company has achieved business growth, driven by robust demand in the technology and communications industry.

'Our future will not be decided by that [US influence],' Guo told the Global Times.


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