Army using advanced cameras, UAVs to minor borders: Iranian official

Tehran, Feb 25, IRNA - The commander of Ground Forces of Iranian Army announced that the country's borders are being closely monitored by advanced cameras and UAVs.

Talking in a ceremony here on Monday, Brigadier General Kiyomars Heidari said that the borders of the country are under full control.

He stated that this kind of presence does not mean that there is a certain danger on the borders, or, that the borders are completely in full control. Rather, it is states that borders are controlled using advanced technologies like computer and optical systems which makes anything happening on the borders visible to responsible forces.

'We had been deployed on the western borders in the past, and we have been deployed on the eastern border since four months ago, and are using advanced systems and cameras to control these borders,” noted the commander Ground Forces of Iranian Army, referring to the presence of the force on the eastern borders of the country.

The senior military official added that the Ground Forces use various types of drone, Quadcopters and balloons to control its borders.
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