Feb 25, 2019, 4:02 PM
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Al-Maliki warns against fierce objectives of Warsaw Summit

Baghdad, Feb 24, IRNA - Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki warned against vicious objectives of the recent Warsaw summit for the entire region and lambasted some Arab countries for participating in the summit.

In an interview with TV channel 'Al-Ahad', al-Maliki added that the Warsaw Summit set up a dangerous platform in the region for some Arab countries to replace the Zionist regime with the Islamic Republic of Iran as the target of their animosities.

The former Iraqi prime minister who served the country from 2006 to 2014 further described the consequences of this policy as a threat to the entire region, especially Iraq, saying that the Warsaw Summit has, in fact, surfaced and revealed many secret and deep-seated relations between some Arab states and the Zionist regime over the past years.

Al-Maliki had already revealed in one of his memoirs as prime minister that some Arab states were trying to establish relationship with Israel and noted that some Arab governments have long sought to reveal their deep-seated relations with the Zionist regime in various ways.

According to him, one of the Arab foreign ministers came to him when he was the prime minister of Iraq, and uncovered a project called the 'Middle East Economic System', in which the Zionist regime was also present.

Al-Maliki added “When he mentioned this, I asked him to cut off the word right away and told him that Iraq would never enter any such structure or any organization in which the Zionist regime was a party.”

The former Iraqi prime minister did not mention the Arab minister, but pointed out that the scheme of two Israel-Palestine states that are currently being pursued by some Arab states is a Saudi initiative that was presented at the Arab League Summit in Lebanon (2002).

He stressed that Iraq has always had a negative attitude and never approved it.

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