Zionist Regime, not Iran threat to world: Pak analyst

Islamabad, Feb 22, IRNA – A senior Pakistan analyst says it is Zionist Regime and not Iran which is a threat to the Arab and the Muslim world.

Moonis Ahmar in his article published in ‘Express Tribune’ on Friday said unlike Zionist Regime, which has annexed Golan Heights, East al-Quds and occupied West Bank and besieged Gaza, Iran is not involved in acts of aggression.

He said the US-dominated Warsaw conference held last week was more on isolating Iran than focusing on the real threat to peace and security in the region i.e. Zionist Regime.

The analyst said forty years ago, the outbreak of anti-American and anti-Shah Islamic Revolution in Iran dismantled the two-pillar policy of the US in the Persian Gulf.

“Since the Islamic Revolution of Iran in February 1979 till today, Iran has been consistent in its support to the Palestinian struggle for emancipation,” the expert noted.

Moonis Ahmar regretted that instead of taking Iran along with them, majority of the Arab countries tend to fall into the trap of the US and Zionist Regime to isolate Iran.

He added Zionist Regime and not Iran is a major threat to the Arab-Muslim world because of three main reasons. “First, Iranian support for the liberation of Palestine from the clutches of Jewish occupation is without any shadow of doubt,” he said.

“Second, it is American bias, hostility and paranoia against the Islamic government of Iran which has led to consistent US policy to isolate Iran except during the second term of the then American president, Barack Obama, which paved the way for signing a nuclear deal with Iran in 2015 and the gradual lifting of US sanctions against Tehran in place since 1979,” he noted.

He added the US-Zionist Regime nexus has been instrumental in pushing some Arab countries turn against Iran and deviate from their prime responsibility to liberation of occupied areas of the Arabs.

“Third, while the US is raising a hue and cry over Iran’s nuclear program and has asked European powers, particularly France and Germany, to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, it has totally disregarded the fact that in the Middle East it is only Zionist Regime which is a nuclear state,” he said.

The analyst strongly believed that calls to isolate Iran will be counter-productive because such a policy will deepen anti-Americanism in Iran. “Despite 40 years of efforts to isolate Iran the country has been able to withstand such pressures,” he said.

The expert went on to say that the US used the Warsaw Conference for ‘Iran bashing’ and thus giving Zionist Regime space despite its occupation of Arab areas, including al Aqsa Mosque.

“It is a matter of regret that not one word expressing solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for emancipation was uttered in Warsaw conference and there was a mum over Zionists’ policy to inundate West Bank with illegal Jewish settlements and shifting their capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,' said the analyst.
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