Feb 18, 2019, 4:56 PM
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Iran stresses importance of continuing relations with China

Tehran, Feb 18, IRNA - Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran reaffirmed the importance of continuation of relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and China in different sectors.

In his weekly news conference, Bahram Qasemi, in response to a question on the visit of the Speaker of the Iranian Parliament to China, said, 'China is a serious partner in many areas, and the volume of cooperation between the two countries is very high, and these partnerships can be continued in various fields.'

Qasemi added that there may be shortcomings for various reasons, but Iran regards the future of relations with China as important, and “we hope that these relations will move forward”.

Referring to the exchange of political and economic delegations between the two countries and efforts to facilitate cooperation, the high-ranking official expressed, Mr. Larijani's visit to Beijing, headed a high-ranking political and economic delegation, is an important journey, and should not be considered merely for parliamentary consultations.”

'We hope that this visit can help further facilitate cooperation between the two countries, and after this visit more can be discussed, but Mr. Larijani's visit, especially with regard to the composition of the delegation accompanying him and regarding his meetings is an important trip,' the foreign ministry spokesman touched on.

In response to another question about German Chancellor Angela Merkel's remarks at the Munich conference, Qasemi notified, 'Everyone who follows Iran's issues is well aware of Iran's constructive role in the stability and security of the region. These are the thoughts or precepts of the Zionist regime, or some specific centers and also American ruling body that has been working on Iranophobia and spreading false news.”

He reminded that in Germany, many politicians are aware of Iran's fundamental and constructive role in the fight against terrorism, and these are not a secret thing, “so I do not regard these talks as serious, and I think there may have been misunderstandings for her.”

The spokesman said in response to question about Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's remarks at the Munich Security Conference and Iran’s specific demand from Europe, “The Foreign Minister spoke very clearly at the Munich conference and said what should be done”.

Referring to Iran's positive constructive role in the region's stability and security, as well as the fight against drugs, terrorism and organized crime in the region and the world, he said, 'We have done our best in fulfilling our obligations based on IAEA’s affirmation. Iran is a country that has played a positive and responsible role in the international community, and it is expected that those who are interested in Iran to remain in JCPOA will have the necessary amount of courage, understanding of global and regional circumstances.”


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