Working with national currencies to solve problem of trade cooperation with Iran

Moscow, Feb 17, IRNA - The director of the Institute for Initiative and Foreign Policy Studies of Russia believes that the use of national currencies in trade between Iran and Russia, will solve the problem of the expansion of trade cooperation.

Veronika Krasheninnikova, in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in Moscow, arguing that Iran and Russia have been in similar circumstances because of US sanctions, said, 'Today there are several reasons for the convergence of the two countries.'

A member of the Supreme Council of the Russian ruling party noted, “Iran, Russia and all countries that are subject to sanctions and political and economic pressure from the United States should develop their cooperation structures and become closer.”

'The US sanctions can help us find more areas of cooperation in order to expand the structure of bilateral relations more decisively than before,' said the expert, pointing to US pressures.

Krasheninnikova once again emphasized the promotion of trade with national currencies between Tehran and Moscow, saying there is no reason to use US dollars in our deals, especially since Russia has begun trading with national currencies with other countries, including China.


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