Iran has constructive relations with all political parties in Lebanon: Ambassador

Beirut, Feb 16, IRNA - Iran's Ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Jalal Firouznia emphasized that the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lebanon are based on supporting the Lebanese national resistance and unity and constructive relationship with all political parties in this country.

He expressed hope that the official cooperation between Iran and the Lebanese government will increase in the coming period.

The ambassador made the remarks in a ceremony to mark the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, which was held by Amal Movement in Lebanon.

Referring to the recent visits of Iranian Foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to Lebanon, Iran's Ambassador highlighted, “During this visit, we announced our readiness for bilateral cooperation with Lebanon in all fields of economic, commercial, developmental, scientific and defense.'

The Iranian ambassador in Beirut emphasized that the current security of Lebanon, while the region is caught in chaos and insecurity, has been realized due to the unity and will of the free nation of Lebanon through the golden equation of 'army, nation and resistance'.


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