Iran envoy compares fruitful Sochi summit with failed Warsaw conference

London, Feb 15, IRNA – Iran’s Ambassador in London Hamid Baeidinejad said on Friday that two scenes of confrontation of blocks dealing with Middle East issues, i.e. Warsaw and Sochi summits, showed the key of practical influence on Middle East developments lies in hands of which countries.

In his Instagram message on Friday, Baeidinejad commented on outcome of the two-day Warsaw meeting, saying that Warsaw meeting ended without approving a document, as it was only a tribunal session at the hands of the extremist governments of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu to utter their nasty dreams.

“Differences between the US and Europe were very evident, as Federica Mogherini and major EU foreign ministers did not participate in the event, and even British foreign secretary only attended in the inaugural ceremony and returned,” he said.

The US asked the EU to quit the JCPOA but, on the contrary, it supported the deal. Even Polish foreign minister as the host was forced to refer to clear dispute between the EU and the US, acknowledging that unlike the US, the EU states stress implementation of the deal, Baeidinejad said.

What was broadcast from Warsaw meeting was hateful claims of Pence, Netanyahu and Pompeo while others just kept silent and posed for photo, he said.

The meeting had major absentees, including Iran, Russia, China, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar and Palestine, as in their absence any discussion of regional developments is meaningless, he added.

Concurrent with Warsaw meeting, leaders of three major countries, i.e. Iran, Turkey and Russia, made significant decisions about a major regional issue, Syria, Iran’s ambassador said.

He also recalled that Netanyahu described the Polish as accomplices to Nazis in Holocaust and massacre of Jews at the end of Warsaw meeting and humiliated and insulted the host Polish government and nation in their own country. This reveals they even show no mercy to their servants, added the Iranian diplomat.
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