Feb 13, 2019, 7:54 PM
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Iran condemns Warsaw meeting

Warsaw, Feb 13, IRNA - Iran has condemned a Middle East meeting, that is set to be held in Poland, as a US effort to hijack the forum and criticize Iran and pursue in own malicious intentions.

“The US officials did not shy away from expressing explicitly that indeed what they are trying to do is to hijack the forum to demonize Iran's role in the region, and pursue their malicious intentions,” reads a non-paper published by the Iranian Embassy in Poland on Wednesday ahead of the event.

The US is organizing a two-day ministerial meeting about the Middle East in the Polish capital, Warsaw on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s been called 'Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East.” US Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo said at the beginning the meeting will highly focus on Iran to criticize what he calls “Iran’s influence in the region”.

The Iranian diplomatic mission in the eastern European country stressed the meeting “is yet another attempt by the US administration to undermine and bypass the internationally recognized arrangements for maintenance of peace and security embodied in the United Nations and its Security Council.”

The statement lashes out at the US “irresponsible and destructive approach towards diplomacy, international law, pacific settlement of disputes, United Nations, and regional and global peace and security,” referring to Washington’s walkout last May from the 2015 international agreement on Iran nuclear programme, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

US President Donald Trump´s Administration reimposed economic sanctions on Iran last August after it abandoned the deal. The Iranian Embassy document denounces US punitive measures as a manipulation of ”international market and global economy in order to achieve its own political goals.”

“The US behavior is threatening the global freedom of trade and business,” it warns.

The non-paper, published on the website of Iranian Embassy in Poland, cautions the world that although the US sanctions will fail to bring about the results it is looking for, they will cut Iran's abilities to fight narcotics and organised crimes and host refugees. '“Maximum pressure' policy of the U.S. will limit Iran's resources available for combatting narcotics trafficking and other transnational organized crimes, and hosting millions of refugees and providing them with same social and educational services available to its own nationals.'

Iran war on drugs accounts for 30% of the world’s total narcotics seizure, according to the document.

The non-paper lashes out at the US “destabalizing role in the West Asia region.” “It’s unjustifiable support for Saddam Hussein in his war of aggression against Iran and his heinous crimes against Iraqi people, then its unlawful military occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq which resulted in deep-rooted problems such as formation of extremist terrorist cults and organizations,” are catastrophic consequences of the US unlawful behaviour in the Middle East.

The Iranian Embassy in Poland reprimands “unconstructive, biased, confused and self-contradictory” policies in the Mideast. It goes on to compare Trump’s “Syria is vast land of sand and death” comments about the US involvement in the war in the Arab country with Pompeo’s “claims about US interest in pursuing the stability that the people of Middle East so richly deserve.”

Early January, the US president criticised US involvement in the Syrian war, saying 'Syria was lost long ago. It was lost long ago. We’re not talking about vast wealth. We’re talking about sand and death. I’m getting out; we’re getting out of Syria. Look, we don’t want Syria.'

The paper, published on Wednesday, ahead of the Warsaw meeting, praises Iran’s “unquestionable” role in fighting terrorism in the region. “Unlike the U.S., Iran is not an outsider to the region, and therefore the security and stability of its neighbors are essential to security and stability of Iran,” it adds. It goes on to highlight Tehran’s positive role in “defeating ISIS territorially and guaranteeing talks on the future of Syria in the Kazakh capital, also known as the Astana Process.”

The non-paper notes Iran’s “good offices” in facilitating the Yemen talks in Stockholm in December, as well as its unwavering support for any world country that is facing 'coup, secessionist movements or foreign intervention.'

The statement recriminates once again “biased agenda” of the Warsaw meeting, warning that ”any effort aimed at cornering and exclusion of Iran (and several other states) will not do any good for the region and its people.”

According to a joint US-Poland statement ahead of the ministerial meeting, some 70 countries have been invited. However, the big European powers have either shunned the union or will have a low-profile representation. EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has refused to take part. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt will be present but will “leave shortly after it starts.” German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass is expected to attend. But, France is sending a low-level government official as a representative. Iran has not been invited at all, although it’s expected to be one of the discussion topics.

“The selective and handpicked composition of the invitees of the 'Ministerial' drags the international community to more than a century ago; to the era before the Hague Conference of 1899,” warns the Iranian diplomatic mission in Warsaw.

The statement expresses concerns that at the final statement of the event, Pompeo, who will represent the US, “will try to include its own malign intention but attribute it to all participants.”

“There is a serious concern that the United States, through such statement, affect existing internationally recognized arrangements and/or legally binding instruments,” it warns.

The Iranian non-paper calls “the issue of Palestine and the Israeli occupation and its grave violations of both human rights and international humanitarian law” as the main crucial crisis in the region, urging the US to “end its unconditional support for the Israeli regime's continuous violations of international law, numerous resolutions of the Security Council and General Assembly of the UN, international humanitarian law and human rights'.

It also takes a hit at the US arms sales to several regional countries, including Saudi Arabia, saying it’s called a “senseless arms race in the region”.

The statement cries foul over the “West's support for the shameless behavior of the Israeli Prime Minister”, adding that Benjamin Netanyahu threatened Iran with annihilation, and openly boasts about their offensive missiles that can reach 'anywhere'.

“Iran has always kept its military budget at a modest and reasonable level. Unjustified ado about Iran's defensive and deterrent missile program (which is in no contradiction with international obligations of Iran including UNSCR 2231),” it asserts.

The non-paper stresses Iran´s readiness and willingness to “engage on all issues of interest” under the condition that the other negotiating parties “show the same resoluteness and commitment to rules of civilized engagement, and are both willing and capable to keep up with the commitments they make.”

It urges the US to return to the JCPOA and respect the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 that asserts Iran’s right to nuclear energy.


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