Al-Jazeera TV: Peace, stability in Middle East should be with Iran’s presence

Tehran, February 13, IRNA – The Aljazeera News Network on the Middle East Peace and Security Summit in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, said that while the US seems to use the meeting to expand its anti-Iranian measures, experts have been skeptical about the US success in advancing its goals, and believe that any peace and stability in the region should be with the presence of Iran.

Qatari News Network said Wednesday that the US-led Peace and Security Summit on Wednesday and Thursday in Warsaw was first launched last month by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and following his anti-Iran remarks in Cairo.

Al-Jazeera added that the Warsaw summit will be held at a sensitive moment, in the context of the EU’s effort to uphold Iran's nuclear deal.

The news channel quoted an analyst who said the meeting would not produce tangible outcome. European countries will be very cautious about what they will sign in the final statement or the conclusion that accuses Iran.

'The success of the meeting will depend heavily on who to attend. The presence of countries that do not have hostile relations with Iran will make the overall message milder. The meeting could also be used to reduce the anti-Iranian positions of Washington,' Sassnall stated.

Sassnall said the summit is multilateral, and Europe could demand Iran's presence in future talks. Any acceptable alternative to establish peace and stability in the region should, in any case, be with Iran.


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