Marking ceremony of Victory Revolution held in 3 countries of Latin America

Tehran, Feb 13, IRNA - A commemoration ceremony of the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, held in Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, with the presence of the ambassadors of Iran and the authorities of these three Latin American countries.

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ecuador, during his speech at the ceremony, cited forty years of Iran's persistence, dynamism and progress due to key words such as adherence to the principles of the Islamic Revolution, namely, independence, freedom and justice for all, believing and relying on the power of the people and national capacities in the development, prosperity, security and defense of the country, solidarity and mutual respect with all countries and nations.

Sa'adat Aqajani also referred to the development of friendly and fraternal relations, and the achievements of the revolution in the fields of education, health, development of well-being and people's living standards, international indicators of Economic Growth, poverty reduction, Justice, Iran's scientific and technological advances.

Aghajani, also in another part of her remarks, referring to the nuclear deal signed between Iran in the framework of strengthening the non-proliferation regime with the great countries and Iran's compliance with the 13 IAEA reports, and cited the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from this agreement as violation of Security Council Resolution 2231 and a challenge for the non-proliferation multilateralism system, and considered Iran, Turkey, and Russia's cooperation to create peace and stability in the region and combat terrorism as a model of collective security and multilateralism.

At the ceremony, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ecuador, Andres Teran, on behalf of the people and government of Ecuador, congratulated the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution to the people and the government of Iran, described as Iran's rich history and culture as heir of ancient and Islamic civilization and one of the most important cultures of humanity.


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