Five-day Iranian film festival kicks off in Pakistan’s Karachi

Islamabad, Feb 13, IRNA - A five-day Iranian film festival has been kicked off in Pakistan’s Karachi to mark the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

The festival is being organized by Iranian Culture Centre (Khana-i-Farhang) in Karachi.

Speaking on the occasion, director of the Khana-i-Farhang Mohammad Raza Baqeri said there’s a vast difference between films made in Iran before and after the revolution, so much so that they could not be compared to each other.

He added the movies after the revolution had more meaning and purpose to them, no matter what genre — social, comedy, political etc — they were made in.

Film is a tool, he argued, and the film-maker needs to know how the tool can be used. “Films should have a theme or a message, because if the viewer does not take anything meaningful from it, then there’s no use of putting in all that effort. Cinema is given the utmost importance in Iran,” he said.

Earlier, actor Mustafa Qureshi, who was the chief guest of the festival’s opening day, said Iran’s film industry is no less qualitative than any other industry, including Hollywood, in the world.

He added the good thing is that their films don’t resort to vulgarity; rather they bank upon [good] themes and subjects. The treatment of their subjects is what sets them apart from the rest of the world.

Mr Qureshi said he had attended in Lahore a similar festival some years back and Iranian films had impressed him.

In between the speeches, two videos were shown in which the various phases of post-revolution Iranian films were highlighted.

During the small screenings shots of films such as Atash-i-Sabz, Mahi-o-Gurba, Yek Shab and Mehman-i-Maman were shown.

In the festival Iranian films Che, Keemia, Khuda Nazdik Ast and Nasipaas will be shown.


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