Feb 13, 2019, 2:08 PM
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Venezuelan FM says US behind coup against government

New York, Feb 13, IRNA – The US has always interfered with Latin American affairs but this time they are in the forefront of the coup in Caracas, the foreign minister of Venezuela told the Islamic Republic News Agency in New York.

'We admire and respect what the Islamic Revolution has provided to the Iranian people: the independence and the dignity,' Jorge Arreaza told IRNA on Tuesday, congratulating Iran on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Regarding the recent events in Venezuela and US support for the opponents of the country's legally-elected President Nicolás Maduro, Arreaza said, 'There is a coup d'état in Venezuela; in Latin American, there have been many coups, attempts and interventions from the US.'

He added that the CIA has always been behind such incidents and 30 or 40 years, when the documents are declassified, everything becomes clear.

Now, they are leading the coup; US President Donald Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, National Security Advisor John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are all calling for the military to turn their back to Maduro and stop supporting the legal president, said Arreaza.

Saying that these people try to generate a crisis in Venezuela, he added, 'But everything is calm and still in Venzuela. There is one government: the constitutional government.'

'But this is the most open and notorious intervention of the United States in Latin America. They're obsessed with Venezuelan oil. They want the oil. They blocked our economy. The costs of the blockade are more than 30 billion dollars.'

He said what the Venezuelan Government should do is to guard the people, and added, 'We want to avoid any kind of conflict. We don’t want a civil war or a coup d'état in Venezuela, which the United States wants.'

'We will not allow a military operation from the US in Venezuela.'

He added that if this happen the people and the army will defend the country.

Regarding the allegations made by some US officials regarding presence of Hezbollah in Venezuela, he said that there are nationals of Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and other Arab countries in Venezuela, but Hezbollah in Venezuela is 'absurd.'

Pompeo has been trying to sell the idea that Lebanon's Hezbollah is operating in Venezuela to stop the “duly elected” Guaido.

Referring to the US officials' claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which was proved wrong, the Venezuelan foreign minister told IRNA that this is not the first time he US has put on a show to achieve something.

He also said that the US has blocked 30 billion dollars of the Venezuelan money and now is sending 60tons of humanitarian aid worth only 20 million dollars, which is 'ridiculous.'

He said that it is humiliating the Venezuelan people, who consume more than one million tons of food per month.

Calling the US move 'a political strategy', he said that it is totally against the interests of his country.

Venezuela has been experiencing some unrest.

The story began when the head of President of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez called himself the president of the interim government. The US recognized him as the president and said that it no longer recognizes Maduro.

Following the US, some other countries, including Germany, the UK, Argentina, Brazil, and Columbia did the same thing and recognized Guaidó.

However, Iran, Russia, China, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Turkey have supported the legal president of Venezuela.


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