Pak scholar hails Islamic Revolution as biggest in 20th century

Islamabad, Feb 12, IRNA – The Islamic Revolution in Iran is one the biggest most important revolutions of the 20th century which continues to prevail even after 40 years, the president of Pakistan’s Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) said in a recent interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Rukhsana Qamber said that the revolution in Iran was inevitable due to political and economic situation of the country.

Revolution in Iran had to happen, said Rukhsana Qamber who is also executive director at Area Study Centre for Africa, North and South America.

“It was needed to be done,” said the analyst.

'I am personally very impressed by the Islamic Revolution and the continued intellectual debate that goes on and on in Iran fascinates me,' she said.

“Unfortunately I have not been able to visit Iran but I have friends who work at various universities in Iran and lots of them are women and they are happy to be working there,” she added.

The expert stressed that relations between Iran and Pakistan should be further developed.

“It is our biggest Islamic neighbor, so we should have very, very good relations with Iran in every field,” said Qamber.

The Pakistani scholar also expressed hope for the two countries to embark on academic exchanges as well.

“I love to have an Iranian think tank to sign an MoU with us and we can exchange scholars, I would love for their students to come here and we would also love to go to Iran frequently,” she said.

She was strongly of the view that economies of the two countries can help each other.

If the two countries can join together they can make a lot of progress, she said.

She went on to urge Islamabad not to let big powers influence its relationships with other nations.

'We in Pakistan are more fearful of big powers about our relations with Iran, it is time that we should stand up on our own feet and decide that if other country gets annoyed by our relations with Iran we will not be afraid of that,” said the scholar.

'We should not compromise our ties with Iran at any cost.'


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