Islamic Revolution is unique and original: Pak analyst

Islamabad, Feb 11, IRNA - A senior Pakistani analyst says that Islamic ideology is the base of revolution in Iran which is unique and original in its form.

Raza Naeem during his keynote address at a roundtable discussion on Islamic Revolution organized by the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) on Monday said that after 40 years the Islamic Revolution is still there in Iran and it is getting stronger
each day.

“The Islamic Revolution has brought immense benefits for the Iranian people,' the intellectual said. He said that Iran is a rising power of the 21st century.

The intellectual said that Imam Khomeini was a very intelligent leader who cultivated leadership in Iran.

He noted that Iran has an undivided border for last 5,000 years and the Iranians have a very proud past. The scholar said that thousands of years old monarchy was overthrown in Iran through an Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini.

“Shah's government despite the backing of western powers was collapsed like house of cards,' noted the speaker.

Expressing his views, the analyst said millions of Iranians welcomed Imam Khomeini upon his return from Paris after the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

He added that Shah was actually a dictator backed by the Americans.

The author said that the Islamic Revolution is the greatest revolution of the 20th century which was brought about by huge opposition.

Raza Naeem said that corruption was one of the reasons that why the Islamic Revolution took place.

Social scientist strongly believed that the Islamic Revolution had profound impact on the Iranian society. He added that Imam Khomeini revived the Islamic principles in the Iranian society and denounced secularism.

The speaker said that the role played by the non-Persian citizens of Iran during Islamic Revolution is also very important. He noted that Iran has been very successful in assembling its minorities.

He said that Imam Khomeini did not use the word imperialism for the US rather he used the term global arrogance and which is truly depicted in the policies of Donald Trump.

Scholar noted that the Islamic Revolution in Iran did not rely on violence, but was brought through mass mobilization of the public. “It is the most peaceful revolution of history,” the author said.

Raza Naeem said that Islamic Revolution did not put any curb on media and was very open to the world. He said that Iran has achieved the most vibrant press after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

He said that there are no signs that the Islamic Revolution will go away and it will stay in times to come.

The speaker said that Iran’s nuclear deal with the western powers is a great success of diplomacy and the agreement is a permanent headache for Saudi Arabia and the Zionist Regime.


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