Western media hampers Chinese youth to recognize Iranian revolution: Chinese professor

Beijing, Feb 10, IRNA - A Professor at Ning Shia University of China, pointing to Western and American media outlets’ machinations against the Islamic Revolution of Iran, stated that Western media prevented the Chinese youth for true understanding the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Wang Feng said in an interview with IRNA that one of the problems in developing bilateral relations between the two countries was the lack of the people's and academic circles' mutual understanding of the national and cultural conditions, adding that despite the development of political, economic and cultural relations, dating back to 2,000 years old, but the knowledge of the Chinese people about the political, economic, cultural and social development of Iran is very small.

'Unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding of Iran, many Chinese are skeptical about Iran and, in some areas, do not dare to cooperate with Iran, and one of the reasons why Chinese youth are not aware of the realities of Iran is the machinations of media outlets of the United States and the West.

He added, 'As I travel so much to Iran, they constantly ask me about Iran, and when I describe Iran's real conditions for them, they are new to them because they were accustomed to analyze the situation of Iran from the point of view of Western media, which was not an accurate analysis.'


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