Feb 10, 2019, 3:40 PM
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Iran major stronghold against Imperialism: Turk politician

Ankara, Feb 10, IRNA – Iran is one of the most important strongholds of countering Imperialism and Zionism in West Asia, the chairman of the nationalist Patriotic Party told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

'Despite the pressures and sanctions, Iran does not bow to the US and Israel, which is a role model for other countries and that's the reason for enmity with Iran,' said Doğu Perinçek on the verge of the Islamic Revolution's 40th anniversary, adding that before the revolution Iran was the gendarme of the region.

'Iran has resisted against the US sanctions. The sanctions actually helped the formation of Iran's national economy,' said Perinçek regarding the noticeable successes of Iran in economy and science.

'Relying in its domestic resources, Iran has done a great deal of research in science and changed an improper situation to good one.'

He said that after Iran gained its independence from the US with the revolution there were ideas both for and against Iran's move in Turkey; the ones that were under US influence formed a front against Iran which were opposed by many more, led by Patriotic Party.

Turkey, with the help of Iran, strengthened the East front and a resistance front against the US and Israel took form; and the US and Israel's attempts to make the Sunnis-Shias clash fail, he said.

He also urged Iranians to united more than before, which is beneficial for both Iran and the region.

'The presence of Iran, Turkey and Russia in northern Syria to counter the separatists is a right decision and helps Syrian territorial integrity. Iranian military advisors are fighting the US and Israel's plan to disintegrate Syria.'

Perinçek added that the US threatens the whole region because it supports the terrorists and pursues Imperialism.

He went on to say that, no matter what they say, the US's pretexts not creditable anymore because the White House has been defeated in Syria and has to leave the area.


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