Iran desires enhanced ties with friendly independent states: Envoy

Islamabad, Feb 7, IRNA -- Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan says his country wants to strengthen its relations with independent countries and free nations in line with its sacred objectives and causes.

In his message on the occasion to mark the 40th Anniversary of Islamic Revolution's victory, Mehdi Honardoost said Pakistan and its friendly and brotherly people enjoy a special place for Iran.

“This year coincides with the 70th Anniversary of Iran-Pakistan Relations. People of the two countries have deep historical, cultural and religious commonalities, which have created very cordial and strong relations between people of the two countries,” he said.

He added that the two nations have stood beside each other in hopes and difficulties.

The ambassador went on to say that 11 February 2019, coincides with 40th anniversary of victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the revolution which is symbol of struggle against oppression, transition from kingdom to democracy, restoration of original Mohammedan Islam, fight against oppressor and defending to the oppressed.

“40 years ago, overwhelming majority of the people of Iran, under leadership of Hazrat Imam Khomeini (R.A) with slogan of Independence, freedom and Islamic Republic stood up and terminated the dictatorship of thousands of years of rule and oppressor kingdom forever,” he said.

Honardoost said Islamic Republic of Iran on its outset till now has been victim of various types of conspiracies and plots including eight years imposed war as well as various types of cruel economic and political sanctions by international imperialism.

“But people of Iran by their dependence on Almighty Allah and preserving the unity and integrity and rendering hundreds of thousands of martyrs and injured has been able to overcome all these hurdles and conspiracies successfully and took steps to consolidate its independence,” said the envoy.

He said today, people of Iran after four decades of their revolution, under sagacious leadership of Hazrat Ayatullah Khamenaei by virtue of their national dignity, have been paving the way towards glory and honor.

“In this regard, significant progress has been made in the fields of science, new technologies like nanotechnology, basic cells, electronic, cyber, nuclear, aerospace technology etc,” he said.

“They also made various achievements in the field of military, science and medical with the aim of serving humanity,” the diplomat noted.

The envoy said the new generations will be proud of this most valuable historical treasury which is our everlasting ties and friendship.
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