Bosnian writer: Iran has made significant strides in science fields

Belgrade, Feb 6, IRNA- A Bosnian writer and professor of Persian language and literature on the Islamic Revolution and its achievements, said Iran is a country that has achieved many successes over the past four decades in different political, cultural, economic, social, scientific and technological fields.

'The Islamic Republic, with its successes in various fields over the past 40 years, has surpassed most of the world's countries, and contrary to what Western media promotes, in my opinion, the situation of this Islamic country is very impressive and growing in various aspects,” Elvir Mosic said in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in Belgrade on Wednesday.

He added, 'We must not forget that there are powers on the international scene that do not want to see the progress of Iran and are even willing to do anything to prevent the progress of this country. These countries will challenge the scientific and cultural power of Iran but we must know that there will be no earthquake forever and that the earth will continue to live and I will see the future of Iran very clear.”

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