Feb 6, 2019, 7:01 PM
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President: Iran welcomes US retreat if it reprimands past conduct

Tehran, Feb 6, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that if the US reprimands its former conduct Iran will be ready to welcome the retreat.

'... If the US repents and returns from its past course, making apology for interventions in Iran in the past and being ready to accept the majesty and dignity of Iranian nation and the great Islamic Revolution of Iran, we will be ready to welcome the return and accept its repentance -- (Iran will be ready to welcome the course change and accept the repentance) even (on part of) the US which has made injustice to us for long years,' said President Rouhani.

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with foreign ambassadors and representatives attending in a special ceremony to mark the 40th victory anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

The Iranian nation in the past 40 years has experienced lots of ups and downs along with enemies' threats but has successfully overcome all these difficulties, he said.

The US put all its pressures on Iran in order to disappoint them but this made the Iranian people more united, he said.

Iranian nation overcame despotism, he said, felicitating the 40th victory anniversary of the Islamic revolution to the nations in the region and the world.

Iranian people proved that the US calculations were wrong leading to triumph of the Islamic revolution, he said.

In the past 40 years, the Iranian people were victims of terrorism, chemical weapons and all types of threats masterminded by the enemies.

Iranian people have attained significant success and achievement in many scientific and academic fields which are not comparable to pre-revolution era and proves that these people are committed to their pledges and always back other nations in the region, President Rouhani said.

Iran has always maintain its healthy relations with the countries in the region as sharing cultural and historical commonalities to people in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, African countries and those in the Indian peninsula, he said.

Iran has always demonstrated a moderate image of Islam and never sought extremism, he said.

In the absence of Iran's support to people in Iraq and Syria, the fate of those countries might have been changed completely, he said.

The same rules also apply in Afghanistan, underlined President Rouhani.

Iran proves that it is very committed to its pledges with regards to global accords, he said.

Regarding the JCPOA, he said Iran never violated its pledges and this for several times declared by IAEA, he said.

In fact, it was the US historical failure as the country failed to keep its promises, he said.

It is about 40 years that Iran calls for eradication of weapons of mass destruction and a Middle East free from nuclear weapons, President Rouhani said.

Iran's motto is that presence of foreign troops in the region and their interferences should be terminated, he said.

'Our motto is a world free from violence and extremism,' underlined President Rouhani.
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