Feb 6, 2019, 6:33 PM
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Speaker: Iran Leader urged structural reform in country

Qom, Feb 6, IRNA – Speaker of Iran parliament says the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has urged structural reform in country in the next four months.

'The structural reforms may result in certain changes in the budget as well; for the time being, we need more understanding and joint efforts in that connection,' said Larijani in the local administrative council session on Wednesday.

He noted that the structural reforms may bring about changes in certain domains like energy as well, and the aim is public welfare.

Larijani said the logic prescribes that in dealing with enemies we should do away with political disputes and exercise tolerance and mutual understanding.

He also called on media and politicians to make efforts for fulfilling people's needs by responsibility and by feeling of sympathy.

Iranian speaker urged promoting synergy for foiling enemies' psychological operations.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani referred to Leader as emphasizing reinforcing defense power.

Referring to the massive turnout in `10-Day Dawn' rallies, he said it will convey the message that the enemies' economic pressures have been defeated.

The `10-Day Dawn' rallies are the symbol of national consensus and Iranians' solidarity against enemies' threats and will thwart all of them.

Alluding to US approaches against Iran, Larijani said the US threats like withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, various trips made by US officials to the region are aimed to promote stressful economic atmosphere against Iran.

Referring to Iran's considerable capacities as regard human and natural resources, he said the US pulled out of Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to prevent Iran development.

Americans are after reducing Iran's influence in the region and the world by promoting media hype.

'They want Iran not to support Resistance and Palestine against arrogant people,' Larijani reiterated.

Today many of the countries, that once sought war against Israel, are normalizing their ties with the Zionist regime.

Enemies are after distracting Resistance in Syria and creating security disturbance for Iran by transferring terrorists to eastern and western parts of the country.

Thanks to security forces' vigilance, they will not be successful in reaching their goals, he reiterated.

Despite enemies' accusations and adventurism in Iran, the Islamic system has taken integrated approach against the threats and is after creating opportunity and reinforcing economic strength in sanctions era.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian speaker said enemies are after creating conflict between Iran and other countries.

Pointing to holding Poland conference, he said the US is after making Iran angry.

Pompeo had earlier announced that a meeting with focus on Iran would be held in Poland on February 13-14.

Pompeo claimed that several countries from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East will participate in the meeting.

The meeting will be held in line with the US efforts to promote Iranophobia policy.


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