Feb 6, 2019, 5:39 PM
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Iran still anti-colonial 40 years after Revolution: Russian expert

Moscow, Feb 6, IRNA- The head of a Russian news agency says the Islamic Republic of Iran has kept its anti-colonial nature for four decades, adding that the essence of the Islamic Revolution of Iran is the reason behind the long-standing hostility of Washington towards Tehran.

The Islamic Revolution changed not only Iran but also the entire Middle East region, Serkis Satorian, a former editor of the Russian news portal “Regnum” and the Radio 1 website and present Head of the Moscow-based Realist News Agency said in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on Wednesday.

He said that Imam Khomeini, the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, established the pillars of the Islamic Revolution as a movement based on people and anti-colonialism.

The head of the Russian news agency said that the Islamic Revolution had an anti-American character, pointing out that it prevented the United States' expansionist policies and hindered Washington from hatching colonial plots aimed at changing the geography of the region to serve its interests.

'Today, the US fiasco in the Middle East countries, especially Iraq and Syria, is because of popular movements inspired by the Islamic Revolution,' he said.

The Russian expert went on to say that people and government of Iran, following the principles of the Islamic Revolution, which established by Imam Khomeini and emphasized by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, current Leader of Iran, have consistently defended the national interests of the country.

Iran is under severe pressure from the United States and its allies to change its approach to important issues in the region and the world, he added.

'It is clear that the principled positions of Iran are not favorable, in the first place, to the United States. But in general, Iran is successfully confronting the US colonial plots in the countries of the region, especially in Syria.'


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