Feb 6, 2019, 3:41 PM
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UK analyst calls EU 'not trustable' due to US leverage

London, Feb 6, IRNA – Due to the US leverage over the European Union, it is not a sincere friend with Iran, the editor of Politics First told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) recently.

'The European Union is under tremendous pressure from the United States, and once the European union is a rival to America it is a strong strategic ally to the United States,' said Marcus Papadopoulos in a recent interview about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as Iran Deal, and the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX).

Congratulating the EU, specially France, Germany and France, for still being a party to the JCPOA, Papadopoulos said that America is threatening the EU with cutting their access to the American market if they make trade with Iran.

He added, 'What we have started to see is back-stepping now from the Europeans because of that pressure and regrettably, in a business sense, … you cannot compare the American market to the Iranian market. Business people go where the money is.'

'That is the reminder of the malignant role that America plays in the world.'

Referring to the JCPOA, he added that the US doesn’t like the deal they signed up to, but they should not use their average to try to force off the other parties to withdraw from the deal.

Answering the question about the disloyalties of the West, he said that Iran should remain a party to the agreement to show that it is a 'mature' country and 'honors international treaties', but one point should not ignored: 'if the Europeans start to reduce or halt those sort of goods going to Iran, the Iranians have no choice but to withdraw from it.'

'Iran is a self-respecting country; and no self-respecting country is going to remain a party to an agreement that is actually indirectly damaging their economy and security.'

Papadopoulos also said that the US will always be serious to Iran - no matter who is in the White House; 'The unofficial policy of America is to overthrow the Iranian Government and to destroy the Iranian revolution.'

He said Iran should 'keep on doing what they have been doing since 1979'; they have maintained their independence and reasonably good living standards.

He added they could be better, but they made some mistakes and the sanctions are 'crippling'; 'Iran has to delve deeper into their reservoir of skill and knowledge that it has.'

He also suggested that Iran should forge 'even closer ties' with countries like Russia, China, and India because they are the immerging markets of the future and they are 'natural friends and allies' of Iran.

He said that Britain is not sincere friend to Iran. 'They are not a friend.'

Papadopoulos refereed to how the UK and Russia invaded Iran and supplied Saddam during the eight-year war on the country, but Russia needs it and it needs Russia, which is 'a mutually beneficial relationship.'

He said the European Union is 'untrustworthy' because of the holds the US has over them and 'France and Germany are more sincere in their relationship with Iran than Britain.'

Saying that American influence made the EU impose sanctions in Russia in the beginning of 2014 and the Germans were unhappy with it, he added that with the UK out of the EU, France and Germany made ' a little more independence from Americans.'

'Britain has long been regarded by Paris and Berlin as a Trojan horse in the European Union. They constantly report back to Washington.'

It may be an opportunity for better ties between the EU and Iran, he said.


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