Feb 5, 2019, 5:09 PM
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Iranian envoy praises 'most popular' Islamic Revolution

Belgrade, 5 Feb, IRNA- Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution is the most popular uprising in the world, Iranian envoy to Bosnia says.

'Our revolution is the most popular one around the world that is still held dear among Muslims and those seeking liberty,' said Mahmoud Heydari who serves as Iranian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday.

He was talking to Iranian and Bosnian professors and students of Iran's educational centre, that is situated in the town of Iliaš, near Sarajevo.

'Islamic Revolution had both internal and international objectives [from the very beginning],' he added.

According to the Iranian diplomat, the Revolution sought on the internal front to 'oust a dictatorial regime that was dependant on foreigners.'

'It was also pursuing independence and freedom as well as the establishment of a [political] system that is both a republic and also Islamic in principle,' he highlighted.

'On the international arena,' Heydari added, 'Iran's Islamic Revolution wanted to pay attention to all Muslims around the world and back the oppressed and the weak.'

'It was on such principles that once Iranian government and nation heard calls of the oppressed people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they rushed to aid them,' he added.

Iran's educational centre in Iliaš was inaugurated back in 1998 and includes bilingual (Persian-Bosnian) kindergarten, pre-school, primary and high school.

The Iranian ambassador hailed the centre's 'active role' in educating Bosnian youth, saying it's turned into one of the 'successful examples of cultural interactions between the Iranian and Bosnian nations.'

There are currently more than 400 Bosnians at the centre and 100 students have graduated so far, according to the Iranian Embassy in Sarajevo.

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