Feb 4, 2019, 5:47 PM
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No power capable of influencing Iran's destiny: Ambassador

Belgrade, Feb 4, IRNA - Iran's Ambassador in Sarajevo stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved such a strong position today that no foreign power is ever capable of influencing its policies or deciding its fate.

In an interview with a newspaper published in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Sunday, Mahmoud Heydari elaborated on Iran's achievements in the past 4 decades and emphasized that 'independence' was one of the most outstanding successes of the Islamic Revolution.

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran for the past forty years has followed its own revolutionary path and resisted the demands of the arrogant powers to safeguard its own national interests and rights.

Thanks to this resistance, the Ambassador added, no foreign power can in anyway influence the fate of Iran.

The Iranian diplomat branded the establishment of a political system based on religious democracy as one of the achievements of the Islamic Revolution and said, “During the past forty years, the Iranian people have participated 12 times in presidential elections, 10 times in the parliamentary elections, 5 times in the election of the Assembly of Experts, 5 times in elections for city and village councils and in several other occasions participated in referendums, including the ones for adoption of the Constitution and then its revisions.'

He stressed that the Iranian people have found their way to future through the elections and ballot boxes and will continue in the same path.

Iran's ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, in answer to a question on Iran's scientific achievements, remarked that “There are currently 2,669 universities in Iran with over 3,794 graduates out of which 1,723, 269 are females.

Heydari went on to highlight the defense capability and the strength of the armed forces of Iran, saying that 'Today, in the military industry, we see a lot of growth, and while most countries in the region are importing and buying weapons from foreign countries, we are producing frigates, helicopters, airplanes, tanks rockets, radars and anti-aircraft missiles, and we announce that we have full deterrent capabilities and stand on our foot in the world.
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