Feb 4, 2019, 2:43 PM
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Israel becoming more isolated: US analyst

New York, Feb 4, IRNA – Israel is one of the main losers of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and becomimg more isolated, a columnist of Foreign Policy In Focus told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

'The 1979 revolution shifted the balance of power in the Middle East. At the time, the US (and to a certain extent Britain and France) pretty much dominated the region. Saudi Arabia and its allies in the [Persian] Gulf—the United Arab Emirates in particular—were imperialism’s allies, and Israel served the role of local enforcer,' said Conn Hallinan in a recent interview with IRNA.

'Israel is becoming more isolated, but that is not really because of Iran. The policies of the current right-wing Israeli government visa-a-vie the Palestinians are finally being challenged in the US, although that challenge has yet to garner a majority.'

Hallinan said, 'Iran’s revolution shifted that. As one of the largest countries in the region with significant resources, Iran’s independence was a direct threat to Western domination of the Middle East. That is why the US, Israel and the Saudis are so focused on regime change in Iran.'

He added that the US first tried to destroy the 1979 revolution by urging Iraq to launch a war against Iran, financed by Saudi Arabia. When that failed, the US and its allies shifted to a campaign of trying to isolate and starve Iran, bringing it to its knees. Because that has failed there is now a real danger of war. That war could come rather quickly, because in 2020 the arms embargo against Iran will be lifted if Tehran stays with the nuclear pact.

Saying that about 62 percent of the US public supports the nuclear agreement with Iran, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and 'people are finally beginning to discover the malign influence that the Israeli lobby has on American foreign policy.'

He added, 'In that sense, Iran has an effect, but the US press has so demonized the Iranians that the current growing isolation of Israel has more to do with the actions of the Israeli government than the policies of Iran.'

Regarding US dark record with Iran's 1953 coup that toppled the democratically Prime Minster Mohammad Mosaddeq, he said, 'First, very few Americans know anything about the 1953 coup and they are not likely to find out about it reading the US media. The main problem with the US media is not fake news, but bad (or absent) history. But as I said, the 1979 revolution shifted the balance of power in the Middle East away from the Western powers and the monarchs, so of course it was not viewed with favor by ruling circles in the US.'

Regarding the remarks made by John Bolton's in July 2017, in a gathering of the (the terrorist group) MKO that the outcome of US President Donald Trump's policy should be to determine that the Islamic Revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1979 will not last until its 40th birthday and that “before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!” Hallinan said, 'Bolton is quite serious about organizing an attack on Iran. A war against Iran will fail, but it will do terrible things to the Iranian people and infrastructure.'

'Such a war would probably include Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the US, and maybe Israel. It would be an air war—no one is stupid enough to put troops on the ground against a country of 80 million people who will rally to defend their country—and while the US cannot “win” a war against Iran (the last war we “won” was against Granada) it can do a staggering amount of damage.'

'When Bolton asked the Pentagon for a plan to attack Iran, that request was not idle play. He knows the sanctions are not working (they never have, particularly unilateral ones) and the next step is war. I suspect Bolton is not stupid enough to think the US and its allies could win such a war in the conventional sense of what “win” means, but deeply damaging Iran would also serve his purpose.'

The US analyst said that, with the attack, Bolton wants to convey a message to other countries trying to chart an independent course, 'Do so at your own risk,' and it would take some of the heat off of Trump who has backed himself into a corner over this dumb “build a wall” campaign, is facing major legal difficulties, and whose popularity is now down to 32 percent.

The war will also serve the interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia, US' two major allies in the region, he said.


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