Islamic Revolution a great historical event: Pak media

Islamabad, Feb 4, IRNA - A leading Pakistani Urdu news channel says that the Islamic Revolution is a great event in the history that had transformed the whole Iranian society.

‘Dunya Tv’ channel in its exclusive report said that about forty years ago the founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini returned to the Iranian capital on February, after a 15-year exile and established an Islamic Republic in Iran.

It said that the Islamic Revolution had toppled the Shah's dictatorial regime and ended centuries of monarchy in the country. The report said that the Islamic Revolution was not only a major event for Iran but for the entire region which had changed the entire course of history.

It added that the Islamic Revolution was the outcome of the long struggle of the oppressed Iranian nation. The report went on to say that Imam Khomeini had led the Iranian nation in a difficult time and achieved the victory in the form of Islamic Revolution despite strong opposition from world powers.

The report said that under the immense pressure of the people US-backed Mohammad Reza Pahlavi had to leave the country with his family members.

It added that on February 1st 1979 when Imam Khomeini returned from exile he was received a welcome from millions of Iranians. The report said that return of Imam Khomeini was a big victory of the Iranian nation and the event had stunned the whole world.

It said that people of Iran got fed up with the Shah’s regime and they were not happy with the uneven distribution of wealth in the Iranian society and dictatorial government in country. It said that Shah considered himself as a liberal and termed Islam as a hurdle in the progress of Iran which was not acceptable to the Iranian nation.

It said that riots started in 1977 had led to full fledge Islamic Revolution which established an Islamic government in Iran.

The reporter noted that people of Iran had termed Shah as a civilian dictator and corrupt ruler and even called him as a puppet of the US. It said that capitalism had created many economic difficulties in Iran before the Islamic Revolution.

It said that Imam Khomeini during his exile was more close to the people of Iran than Shah and the message of Imam Khomeini went through the whole Iranian society.

It said Shah tried his utmost to curb the revolt in Iran but ultimately had to surrender before the Islamic Revolution.

The victory of the Islamic Revolution like all other countries is also observed in Pakistan by Iranian embassy and its cultural centers while civil society also arranges many programs on the occasion.


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