Overcoming economic problems, countering Zionist aggression, priorities of Lebanon's new gov’t

Beirut, Feb 3, IRNA- Lebanese journalist and analyst Qassan Javad called overcoming the economic problems, restoring relations with Syria and confronting the Zionist regime's aggression as key priorities of the new government of Lebanon.

The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) interviewed Javad while the new Lebanese government headed by Saad al-Hariri was convened Thursday after 9 months of deliberation.

The Lebanese expert urged the new government to take on major challenges to restore the trust of the Lebanese citizens, emphasizing that in foreign relations the major challenge is relationship with Syria and to rebuild these ties. The debate about Syria for the new government is inevitable. In particular, serious developments have taken place in the positions of the countries of the region towards Syria. Another challenge is the great national issue, Israel's aggression against Lebanon, and preventing Israel from continuing aggression to Lebanon.

At the same time, Javad added that the formation of the government contributes greatly to restoring order to the country and solving the problems, and this is in line with the objectives of the resistance. In addition, this government is associated with the presidency of Michel Aoun as an alliance with Hezbollah. In this regard, Hezbollah achieved achievements and successes, but this does not mean that Hezbollah is responsible for all decisions of this government.


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